Perms for Short Hair

Interested in the types of perms for short hair? Those with short hair can still enjoy the benefits of a perm.

Perms for Short Hair
Not everyone uses perms to add curls or waves to their hair. Many use perms to straighten curls out of their hair. In addition, some people don't straighten all of their hair. Your hairstylist may suggest that you only straighten out certain areas of your hair, such as your bangs or a particularly "troublesome" portion of your hair that wants to live according to its own rules, not yours.

Similarly, you may want to perm curls or waves only in a portion of your hair. Perhaps you would like to have some waves or curls close to your face via a spot perm?

Another short hair option is to have a root perm. This type of perm adds volume at the at the roots of your hair, making your crown look more poofy.

Although spiral perms are often thought of as being in the province for those who have medium to long hair lengths, more and more short hairstyles feature "corkscrew" curls. Your hairdresser will use vertical rods to create these types of curls.

Before Getting a Perm
Get input from your hairdresser. Your stylist will be able to help you decide the right type of permanent for your current hairstyle or help you decide if you will need to get a new cut before you get that perm. In addition, your stylist will be able help you decide on the right type of "perm-do" that complements the shape of your face.

Before you perm, tell your hairstylist about any medications that you are taking or have taken recently. Meds can affect how long your hair should be treated during the perming process.

Remember that perms can damage your hair. In addition, just because you have a perm doesn't mean that getting your hair ready every morning will be hassle-free. You may still have to spend time working on your hair to get it looking right even with a permanent. Taken all together, you might want to see if other products will do the job for you rather than changing the composition of your hair. Again, your stylist will be able to help you look at the trade-offs between "to perm" or "not to perm" your hair.

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Home perms can leave your hair looking beautiful while saving you a fortune at the salon. You can apply a successful home perm as long as you take your time, buy quality perm products, read and follow the instructions carefully and start with your hair in good condition.

A body wave perm will transform limp locks into voluminous tresses.

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Different types of perms can yield different results, so you want to be sure you know which option is right well before you settle into the salon chair.

Not all of us have hair that will hold a curl. For example, my hair is long, fine and straight with a few natural waves. I have had many perms, professional and home perms. None of them lasted very long. I did everything right.

Perming your hair at home is not as easy as some people think. There is a lot involved in this than just applying a perm solution and you think you will have a great curl. You have to remember you are applying a chemical to your hair and have to think about what type of curl you want to achieve before doing this or you will end up with a head of frizz and no curl.

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