What Are Fat Curl Perms

What are fat curl perms? These perms alter hair so that it appears to be voluminous, full of big bouncy curls, long soft spirals, textured weaves and lots of teased ringlets, bangs and fringes. To achieve this free-spirited look, hair is processed with a special set of perming steps.

Why Fat Curls
Curls have been in style since ancient times and achieving a look of sophistication in an easy to care for manner is as important today as it was in times past. 

The fat curl look is casual, sassy and bouncy with lots of movement and achieved with various sized rollers and a fat curl perm.

Long, medium or short hair benefits with this type of perm and expands the variety of hairstyles worn. The look varies depending on the hair length, texture and facial structure giving the wearer a look that can be glamorous and ultra-sassy or sweet and innocent.

Naturally curly hair, straight, wavy or thin hair and thick coarse hair can benefit from fat curl perms regardless of the haircut or length of hair by relaxing or altering or enhancing the hairs natural tendencies involving waves or curls.

For mid-length and long hair, relaxed, loose fat curls emphasize the facial features while adding a lot of movement to the hairstyle. Shorter hair benefits with fat curls by adding volume combined with perkiness and more definition to the curls. Hairstyles, including bangs, are enhanced if hair is teased or lightly spiked.

Layered, curly haircuts benefit in two ways with fat curls. The individual layers provide more defined curls; more curls means more movement. Hair cut in layers, rather than that cut at just one length, produces less weight on the hair, allowing it to be more full and bouncy versus flat against the head and face. 

Fat curls provide more variety when it comes to hairstyles with less need for harsh chemicals and products or the need for heating aides that cause damage to the hair.

Today's process uses less harsh solutions reducing the effects on the hair and allowing for more options during the perm process to create a variety of hairstyles.

Have your hair tested by a professional hairstylist before applying an over the counter perm to ensure your hair is healthy and can withstand perm solutions.

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Home perms can leave your hair looking beautiful while saving you a fortune at the salon. You can apply a successful home perm as long as you take your time, buy quality perm products, read and follow the instructions carefully and start with your hair in good condition.

A body wave perm will transform limp locks into voluminous tresses.

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Different types of perms can yield different results, so you want to be sure you know which option is right well before you settle into the salon chair.

Not all of us have hair that will hold a curl. For example, my hair is long, fine and straight with a few natural waves. I have had many perms, professional and home perms. None of them lasted very long. I did everything right.

Perming your hair at home is not as easy as some people think. There is a lot involved in this than just applying a perm solution and you think you will have a great curl. You have to remember you are applying a chemical to your hair and have to think about what type of curl you want to achieve before doing this or you will end up with a head of frizz and no curl.

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