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Emo hairstyles for guys help fans of the emo culture reflect the individuality and attitude of the scene.
By Julie Knapp
There is an abundance of hair loss products for men and women on the market. How do you know which of these hair loss products are worthy of your money and which are unproven hype?
By Rachel Mork
Are you looking for cute short hairstyles? If you want to go short, but aren't sure if you should, check out these tips for determining which hairstyles are best for you.
By Rachel Mork
Layered hairstyles for square faces draw attention from the sharp angles of your facial features and instead softens up your overall look. Learn how to make the most of your features and work with them.
By Heather Mayer
Learning how to give a buzz cut will allow you to give a simple, clean cut to yourself or someone else.
By Julie Knapp
Almost anyone can wear a short preppy haircut, but not everyone can wear curls to accentuate this look.
A body wave perm will transform limp locks into voluminous tresses.
By Teresa Hall
The trademark Ryan Seacrest hairstyle is all about style and the ability to look good regardless of the situation or environment. Whether you're out on the town, in the office or, say, hosting a hugely popular television show, you're sure to look great.
By Lisa Bower
Looking for a volume boost? Short hairstyles for fine hair help you give your tresses extra volume and body.
By Aysha Schurman
Black updo hairstyles allow maximum style and sophistication, but you can also infuse that elegance with a whole lot of fun.
By Lisa Bower
Short, wavy scene hairstyles might seem like a challenge since straight hair is more common with scene looks. However, scene hair is all about doing your own thing, and a short, wavy look can make you stand out even more.
By Cheryl Bowman
Funky hairstyles for girls encourage both sass and style.
By Jennifer Maughan
Layered straight hairstyles can pack a mighty style punch, but they required more attention than most cuts.
By Aysha Schurman
Are you brave enough to try buzzed haircuts for women? Buzzed haircuts can be breath-taking and exhilarating, but you need to figure out whether you can wear this style, as opposed to the other way around. 
By Rachel Mork
All conditioners should replenish lost moisture, add shine and help hair stay hydrated, but finding a good hair conditioner often seems like a blind trial and error process.
By Julie Knapp
Black ponytail hairstyles can rule the red carpet-or make you feel like a celebrity in your day to day.
By Julie Knapp
A safe and easy way to curl your hair at home.
By Barbara Fitzgerald-Malone
Give preference to products with natural ingredients over harmful chemicals.
By Conny Manero
The best haircut for a round face is one that provides extra height to balance out the roundness of your face.
By Aysha Schurman
Whether you've been going to your hairstylist for a few months or several years, sometimes it's hard to make the decision to move on. Here are a few ways to tell if it's time to change.
By Julie Knapp
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