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Popular Articles
Learn about the different types of short, flippy haircuts that look fashionable while providing easy care.
By Cheryl Bowman
Women have several hair loss replacement options available to them, but it is important to do your research and consult a physician to find the best possible hair replacement treatment for your individual needs.
By Julie Knapp
Haircuts for frizzy hair are only part of the solution. Get to know your frizzy hair and find out how you can make it look terrific.
By Jennifer Flaten
All conditioners should replenish lost moisture, add shine and help hair stay hydrated, but finding a good hair conditioner often seems like a blind trial and error process.
By Julie Knapp
Short hairstyles for women have made a come back. Although there are many styles to choose from, there are some that will work for just about anyone. Whether looking for something low maintenance or something different, it can be found here.
By angiem
Infusing your routine with vitamins for hair loss reversal might seem like a long shot, but you actually can increase hair restoration by adding specific nutrients and vitamins into your diet. 
By Rachel Mork
Using products that include a quality clarifying shampoo ensures the removal of product build-up that comes with using styling gels, mousse and hair spray. With a good clarifying shampoo, you're left with clean, shiny, healthy hair.
By Vickie Ferguson
A safe and easy way to curl your hair at home.
By Barbara Fitzgerald-Malone
Hillary Duff hairstyles evoke Hollywood glitz and glamor, but they are also remarkably easy to pull off in real life. Learn how to tap into this starlet's savvy style.
By Lisa Bower
If you want to turn your head of hair into a collection of dreadlocks, know that it'll take some work and special care. Don't expect to have dreadlocks overnight-you might even want to go to a professional to help you get them started.
By Julie Knapp
Sandra Bullock hairstyles manage to be sophisticated and approachable at the same time, which gives the star a sexy yet friendly appeal. Learn how to bring this cinematic sweetheart's approach to style into your own beauty routine.
By Rachel Mork
The search for cute hair styles for teens is one often fraught with missteps and tears. Learn how to avoid potential pitfalls and help your teen find the perfect style for her. 
By Rachel Mork
Are you looking for cute short haircuts that won't look dowdy or old-fashioned? If you've been scared away from short haircuts because you've seen too many cuts that looked like they were too layered or too severe, you probably haven't tried a stylist who understands the short fashion haircut.
By Rachel Mork
Short layered hairstyles give you a multitude of options in terms of styling. Learn how to make the most of the style.
By Aysha Schurman
Hairspray works in a pinch to keep hairs in place, but could it actually be bad for your hair?
By Marie Lorraine
A textured haircut can make all the difference when trying to maximize your style potential.
By Lisa Bower
Learning how to make a round braid is much easier than most people expect.
By Lisa Bower
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