Ideas for Layered Bob Hairstyles

Bob hairstyles are timeless, and layered bob hairstyles give a modern twist to this old favorite. The basic bob is just plain hot in the world of modern hairstyles, and layering it really creates a sharp look.

The bob cut has stood the test of time because it tends to look good on almost any type of hair or face shape. Layered hairstyles are similarly popular because they also look good on most face shapes and always seem somewhat modern. Put the two styles together and it's easy to see why a layered bob makes such a great look.

A-Line Bob
An A-line bob is slightly shorter in the back than it is in the front. The layering is kept to a minimum for a simple look or can go to the extreme for a trendy look. Soft, straight bangs are usually worn with this style, creating an A-line at the front of the face as well as in the side silhouette.

Basic Bob
A basic bob hairstyle has the hair cut straight across and is shoulder length or shorter. Traditionally, the bob is done without bangs and light layering around the ends of the hair to create a round shape. However, these days, short and blunt bangs are often worn with a basic bob. The bangs should be cut straight across as well.

Beveled Bob
A beveled bob hairstyle is shoulder length or shorter with layering at the tops and sides. The word "beveled" means any angles that meet in anything other than a right angle. The beveled hairstyle takes this to heart and includes many different layers. This provides a naturally curved silhouette than can be worn with or without bangs.

Concave Bob
A concave bob hairstyle has short, sharp layers at the back of the head. In fact, the hair at the back of the neck is only around an inch long. The hair sweeps down the closer it comes to the face, losing layers along the way. The hair closest to the face is kept at least chin-length and is usually side swept, with light feathering. A concave bob may have the hair even on both sides of the face, or make the bangs sweep longer on one side of the face.

Feathered Bob
A feathered bob haircut keeps the hair cut straight across in the back with light layering at the last two inches of hair. The front of the head uses soft, feather layering to create wispy bangs down the face. The bangs can gradually meet the same length as the hair in the back of the head, or be cut just a few inches shorter to create a sharp angle. 

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