Gorgeous Layered Hairstyles for Long Hair

There's no doubt that layered hairstyles for long hair are widely available. In fact, when it comes to long hair, your styles choices are only limited by your - or your hairstylist's - imagination. Part of the reason layered hairstyles are so popular is because they add depth, dimension and volume to most hair, something long tresses usually need.

There are three main categories for layered hair: straight, curled in and curled out. These categories refer to how you wear the ends of your layered look. You can usually wear any one of the three styles with a basic layered look, which gives you the ability to change your appearance without changing your haircut.

Bob Flip
This modern look is a mix of a layered bob and an old fashioned flip hairstyle. The bangs and main bulk of the hair are cut shoulder length and shorter, using sharp angles. A small amount of hair around the face and to the back is kept long, but is still angled. The ends can then be curled slightly outwards or left straight.  This style lets you keep your long hair while adding massive texture and volume.

Cascade Curls
If you have naturally curly, long hair, you can still get a layered cut. To keep those lovely locks, make sure the layering is done solely around the face. The back of the hair should stay one length, so your curls can cascade down your back. You'll want to cut two or three layers around the face, but make sure to keep your bangs long and flowing.

Gradual Feather
Straight or curly, most long hair looks lovely with a gradual feather layered cut. This layered look stays away from sharp angles, and instead very gradually layers the ends and bangs. You'll want short, wispy bangs that are slightly side swept. The ends of your hair with feather out, rising slightly towards the front.

This hairstyle is worn without any obvious bangs. It uses soft, but defined, layering to create and oval shape. The back of the hair is oval in form, rising slightly towards the face, but never above the ears. The layering is kept towards the ends of the hair, never rising very high.

Slanted Fringe
Pick a direction, left or right. The slanted fringe hairstyle does the layering in one obvious direction. The layers are kept sleek to sit close to the head. They have a feathery fringe as the longer hair slides down the neck.  The bangs should be longer and side swept to keep with the sleek style.

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