Easy Care Layered Medium Hairstyles

Many layered medium hairstyles require only a minimal amount of care. By keeping a medium length, you eliminate the care and styling time demanded from long hair. Layered medium length hairstyles are also popular because they add depth and texture to any type of hair. They also happen to look good on most face shapes.

The most important key for easy layered hairstyles is proper care. Make sure you're washing and conditioning your hair regularly with hydrating products. Never use alcohol base hair products, they will dry and damage your hair, making it harder to style. Remember to use a diffuser when blow-drying to help prevent damaged hair.

Medium Bob
A medium bob hairstyle with soft layering is easy to maintain and to style. Have your hair cut to your shoulders or chin and ask for two or three layers across your head. You want the tips of your hair cut straight across and the layering to create a rounded effect. Then all you have to do is brush your hair with a round brush at the ends, flipping the hair in or out. Add a little hairspray to keep things in place and you're ready to go.

Medium Shag
A medium shag cut with heavy layering gives a very tousled - but not quite messy - look. The style is worn with bangs and layers that become shorter the closer they get to the crown on the head. Use a little volumizer and a blow dryer to add some lift to your roots. Pull your fingers through your hair to keep the remaining layers facing down. Use a little hair wax to help poke the very ends of each layer out a tiny bit.

Long Straight Layers
Long layers help add a little shape to any medium hairstyle without looking messy. The layers are kept a few inches above the ends and around the face, nowhere else. The bangs should be kept at least ear length for versatility. Just run your finger through your hair, use a little hairspray to help keep the shape and you're done.

Long Curly Layers
If you have curly, medium length hair, long layers can help you tame that mane. The layers should be kept to just a few inches above the ends and around the face. Your bangs need to stay long to prevent frizzing. Apply a little gel to your damp hair and scrunch to help define your curls. Let your hair dry and use your fingers to comb and smooth it out. 

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