How to Care for Your Layered Straight Hairstyles

Caring for layered straight hairstyles requires the same general care of other styles. However, where some hairstyles may let you get away with ignoring your hair, layered hairstyles have the tendency to look ratty and flat if not properly maintained.

Regular Trimming
The first rule in layered hairstyles is that you must get your hair trimmed regularly. The layered look can quickly go from magnificent to mayhem with a little hair growth. The sharper your layered angles, the more often you'll need a touch-up trim.

Most layered hairstyles add some focus to your hair's tips, so obvious split ends are going to look downright terrible.  Layered straight haircuts are especially prone to this problem because there are no curls to help detract attention away from your hair tips.  Even if your angles stay fine, you'll need a regular trimming, about once every two months, to keep any split ends from developing or showing.

Regular Washing and Conditioning
It's always apparent if someone with straight hair has kept it healthy. Straight hair tends to show off dull color, lack of body, frizzed ends and everything else. A layered cut on straight hair can bring all these points out even more. So to keep your straight, layered look fabulous, you have to keep your hair in top condition.

Wash your hair about every other day instead of every day.  This helps keep your hair from stripping due to frequent washing, and keeps it from gunking up with oil due to infrequent washing. Make sure to use a quality shampoo and conditioner that help hydrate hair, not just gloss it over with wax or oils. Never use products that contain alcohol, as they will dry out your hair.

Deep Conditioning
It's vital to your hair's health that you moisturize each strand and keep both your scalp and hair hydrated. If regular conditioning doesn't seem to do the trick, you need to do a deep conditioning treatment once a week. Pick your favorite hair care brand and grab some sort of hair super moisturizer. Remember, preventing unhealthy hair is the best way to help keep your haircut looking hot.

General Care
A layered straight haircut involves hair, so it simply must be cared for the same way you would for any other hairstyle. This includes basic hair care rules, such as never brush your hair when wet, or you'll break the strands. It also damages your hair if you blow dry it directly on high heat. Use a diffuser and keep the actual blow dryer away from your head. 

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