Layered Wavy Haircuts

Layered wavy haircuts are a great way to spice up the winter doldrums and add some flair to your hair. With a nod to femininity and the idea of perkiness, a layered wavy haircut can look trendy and retro all at the same time. If you're ready for a change, a layered wavy haircut is as easy as a great stylist, a few products and appliances and even attitude to take it on.


If you have an oval face shape, you are the one this style was invented for, so smile and get ready to get gorgeous. You can choose to add the waves with a permanent or put them in on a temporary basis with a little gel and a curling iron. As for the layers, you can choose long, short or somewhere in between and still look stunning with this look. You can even create your waves with your fingers and some gel or spray, for a soft, full-bodied look with a minimum of fuss.


Other face shapes that can wear wavy layers include a long, thin face, a square face or a heart shaped face. The softness of the waves will camouflage the angles of your face and the layers add or remove fullness right where you need it.


When you wear wavy or curly hair, layers go a long way toward adding shape to your style, so always start with a great cut. Razor cut layers work great to add shape and keep the movement, so if you have a stylist experienced in razor cuts or slicing, you should get the look you need. Keep your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks so you maintain the layers and your waves will be able to hold their shape longer as well.


If you go ahead and try this look, you just might find you have the sex kitten look of a 1940s pinup girl with the boldness of a whole new century.

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