Long Layers vs. Short Layers

Layers in your hair add movement, shape and texture, but how do you choose between long layers vs. short layers? One of the biggest factors when deciding how long your layers should be is the shape of your face. If you have a round face, longer layers will balance it out; if you face is long, try and keep those layers a little shorter to move the eye upward and keep your face balanced-chin length layers add volume to that area and minimize face length


Layers are great for reducing too much volume in your hair. They break up the mass of hair and give it movement, which adds life to your style. They work equally as well in long straight hair, by adding the same movement and flow, rather than long straight hair that is all one length. When you are wearing long layers, the shortest layer should not be above the ear lobes.


Short layers work very well, especially in curly hair. Layers add bounce to curls and helps them retain their body. If you are looking for other short layer styles, consider a cut with blunt fringe and short layers. Remember, however, if you are going for short layers, none of the layers should go above the eye.


When you are deciding whether to wear long layers or short layers, remember that layers can add width to your face where you need it. If you have a heart shaped face, that is wider at the temples and narrow at the chin, layers in the chin area bring width to that area. If your face is more square, then avoid blunt chin length layers and let some wisps fall around that area, keeping the main layers longer.


Layers can work for most people-it's all a matter of figuring out whether your face looks better with long layers or short layers.

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