The Layered Swing Bob Haircut

The layered swing bob haircut is the perfect way to combine two popular red carpet looks. The bob, most popular in the '20s and '60s is coming back with different style trends such as bangs and longer bob lengths. Layers are also trendy, ranging from short to medium to long, flipping both inward and outward for a chic, sexy look. Layers are a simple and creative way to spice up the traditional bob look, whether it's chin-, neck- or shoulder-length. 

Swing It!
The "swing" in the layered swing bob haircut is merely the style created by adding angled layers to the bob. This can be achieved by angling shorter locks, which frame the face for a more sophisticated, yet sexy look.

Short Layered Bobs
The drastic layers on a short bob creates a trendy, chic look-think Victoria Beckham. A short layered bob will add volume to the crown of your hair and texture to the ends.  Use wax or pomade to flip the ends for and edgier style.

Medium Layered Bobs
The medium layered style is very popular because it can be both trendy and creative, while also having the ability to be styled traditionally and  modestly. Flipping out the layered ends adds a sense of youth to a look, as opposed to the soccer mom style of a straightfoward bob. This style is the perfect length for bangs, if desired, because they can blend right in with the other layers or be more pronounced if cut bluntly. Just a few thin top layers can increase volume and body.

Style Tips
Styling the layered bob is very easy and doesn't require a lot of time or product.

  • Use a firm-styling foam on damp hair.
  • Blow dry from underneath; this can be done easily by flipping upside down. This allows the ends to flip out.
  • A large curling iron or round brush gives the top shape and volume.
  • A medium iron can be used to curl the ends slightly.
  • Spray your hair with hairspray to keep the bangs in place if you sport that style.
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