Fresh Styles for Long Hair

For centuries, long hair has been associated with radiant beauty. Just look back to the fairy tale of Rapunzel, whose long hair became the stuff of legend.

However, in today's world of trendy, stylish cuts, having long hair may seem boring, leaving people with a false impression that cutting it is the only way to liven up your style. Fortunately, there are many styles for long hair you can choose from depending upon the occasion, the time you have and the mood you are in.

Trying a New Style

When you're choosing a new style for your long hair, start by considering your facial features. If you have soft facial features, adding a lot of detail and volume around your face can overwhelm your look, so opt for styles that pull your hair away from your face. If you have bold, strong features, however, you may prefer some softness and wispy locks floating free around your face to soften your appearance.

If your body type is short and sturdy, find a style that adds height, but if you are built tall and thin, choose a style that is flatter on top with the bulk of the volume lower than the top of your head.

Finally, consider the occasion you are styling your hair for. An evening wedding will certainly call for a different look than a presentation before your board of directors, and a picnic at the beach requires an entirely different type of style. Don't be afraid to experiment and have a little fun. The best part of styling long hair is that everything is temporary. If you don't like a certain look, you can just start fresh.

Long Hair Looks

Braids. Maybe you don't mind a little fuss with your hair in the morning, but you just want it out of your way during the day. Whether your hair is just past your shoulders or you have really long hair, braids are a simple and ageless look. Other than the classic three-stranded braid, you can choose from braids such as the fish tail, for a fun, youthful look, and a French braid that adds a touch of elegance to a simple style.

When braiding your hair, you can achieve two different looks just by varying whether you braid over or under the center strand of the braid. By crossing the left and then the right strands over the centerpiece, you will create a braid that is inverted and lies flat against the curve of your head.

The three-strand over braid is the type of braid used in a French braid. To make a French braid, start at the top of your head near the center of your forehead, and grab a section of hair. Divide the section into three even pieces and cross the right-hand section over the center piece. Repeat with the left side. This is one complete braid. With each new crossover, grab some extra hair from the right and left sides accordingly as you work the braid down your head. It may take a little practice to keep the braid running evenly down the back of your head, but, once you get the hang of it, you can form a crisp French braid in just a couple of minutes.

The three-strand underbraid is created by crossing the outer sections of the hair underneath the center piece of the braid. This type of braid will stand up and away from your scalp, such as in cornrow type braids, those tiny little braids that are perfect for a day at the beach.

Styling Tools. By using styling tools, you can broaden your hair opportunities. Using a flat iron gives you a sleek, sexy look great for evening or daytime. Ceramic flat irons can tame even the wildest unruly bed-head.

Using a curling iron, you can either enhance your natural curls, or you can give even pin-straight hair a little curl. Curling irons come in many sizes depending on the size curl you desire. The use of an appliance such as a triple barrel can give you a beautiful wave.

However, save the heated styling tools for special occasions. You don't want to dry out long, healthy hair by using a straightening iron or a curling iron every day.

Follow basic long hair tips, such as keeping your hair clean and well-conditioned and getting a trim every six weeks or so to keep the ends from splitting and frizzing. Taking good care of your hair will keep it shiny, silky and ready for any style you like, from a simple ponytail to a French braid, cornrows or a gorgeous head of curls.

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Easy hairstyles for long hair will let your simple, elegant beauty shine through.

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