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Reaching a certain hair length is an important goal for many people. Long hair is associated with beauty, sensuality, and youth. Changing how the hair is treated can help retain more of the hair that is grown. Here are some strategies to help grow hair longer.

Salon Products

Salon products are often better than very inexpensive drug store brands. As the hair increases in length the products that once worked may be ineffective. Being consistent with hair styling techniques in combination with good quality products is important. There are good products available at all price levels. Beauty supply stores often sell knock off versions of popular brands like Redden and Paul Mitchell. These formulations sold through beauty supply chairs are of salon quality and are very affordable. Salons like Aveda have small product size bottles to try that can be purchased very inexpensively. Always read the product ingredient list of hair products that are working well. The first few ingredients are the most prominent. For example if products with jojoba oil, grape seed oil, or tea tree oil work well, upgrade to products that contain more of these ingredients. Purchasing a small size bottle of natural fruit hair oils can help protect the hair. Use these fruit oils as a weekly hot oil treatment and place a small amount of oil on the ends of the hair. The ends are the oldest section of each hair strand.

Hair Supplements

Using hair supplements helps to ensure that there are enough nutrients within the body. Most of the food available today has a low level of nutrients. High quality hair supplements like msm, biotin, pre natal vitamins, and herbal hair growth vitamins.

Protein Shakes

Daily protein shakes can give the body extra protein that will help the hair and nails grow faster. Whey protein shakes and soy protein shakes are healthy choices to consume as a snack or after work out replenishment. Always read the caloric information before consuming protein shakes. Some brands may have excessive calories and not enough protein. Compare product ingredients and nutritional value label before purchasing.


Purchase hair and fashion magazines. Clip out pictures that are hair inspirations. Look for styles that can be achieved without the use of hair extensions. Photo shop pictures to reflect future hair goals. Print out this picture or save it to the screen saver. Place it anywhere in the house or office where it will be seen daily.Take time out each day to visualize longer healthier hair.

Find a supportive community on line to discuss hair goals and hair problems. There are women of the same hair type and texture meeting on line. Many women fail to meet their hair growth goals due to lack of information. Use these tips to help grow hair longer.


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