Long A-Line Haircuts

One look that took fashion by storm and seems determined to stay are long A-line haircuts. If you love this blunt cut, at a variety of lengths, never fear. This one is going to be around for a while. Here's what you need to know about long A-line haircuts.


This look is terrific for several reasons. It's easy to wear and can be styled in several ways to provide different looks. A long A-line haircut is basically a long bob, with fringe or bangs cut straight across, usually at the eyebrows. The blunt lines of the fringe cut give a geometric angle that looks perfect on many different face shapes. Use a bit of styling product, like a gel, and a hairdryer with a round brush to style the A-line, pulling the hair straight down and curving the ends underneath for a finished, polished look.


Another way to style a long A-line haircut is to flip the ends upward. Curling the ends up adds a bouncy look tot he A-line and is great for a casual or sporty look. You can also have your A-line razor cut for a choppy, piecey look that adds sass to the style. Adding in razor cut layers to the standard A-line can be a real boost for fine hair, especially if you use a bit of pomade or gel to separate the layers, defining the pieces for an edgy look.


One of the best things about this cut is it can work with different face shapes. The long A-line can really work for a rounder face. By keeping the bottom longer than the chin line, it helps reduce the roundness by moving the eye lower than the chin. This cut is also perfect for disguising a larger forehead, because the fringe hides it from sight.


If you are looking for a trendy style with some versatility and personality, the long A-line haircuts might be just what you need for a fresh look for your hair.

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