No Fuss Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Hairstyles for medium length hair are extremely versatile. They can be cut in long, medium or short styles without the full drawbacks that go with actually having short or long hair. However, versatility can also mean involved. If you're not the type to spend an hour doing your hair each morning, you need to think about getting one of the many no fuss, medium hairstyles available.

Medium Blunt Cut
A medium blunt cut is a little like a bob, but shaped much flatter and straighter.  The hair behind the ears should be cut straight across at shoulder length. The hair in front of the ears should be cut straight across at the bottom of the ears. There is no layering between the extremes or around the rest of the head.

A medium blunt cut can be worn in a braid, bun, ponytail or any of the other common hairdos. You can just use a brush each morning to straighten it out and tuck the bangs behind the ears. You can dress up the look by adding some volumizer and soft curls around your face. You can use a little hairspray to create side swept bangs or a barrette to hold the bangs back.

Medium Bob
The bob hairstyle looks good on most face shapes and with most hair types. It can be cut long, medium or short and done with or without heavy layering. A medium bob should be cut about shoulder length in a straight line across the back. There can be light layering around the face and hair ends to create a round shape.  You can go with or without bangs.

A medium bob haircut can be swept back in a braid, bun or ponytail just like a longer cut. You can also use a round brush and a blow dryer to curl the ends inwards for a classic look, or outward for a flirty look. You can slip a headband or headscarf over the hair and behind your ears for a very sweet effect.

Medium Oval Cut
The easy, medium oval cut is great for a fresh and laid-back style. The bangs are kept long and usually side swept. The back of the hair is cut in a simple oval shape, with the middle hair longer than the outer hair. Any layering should be kept around the face and towards the hair ends.

With a medium oval cut, you can simple brush your hair in the morning and you're done styling. You can add a little curl around the face or all over for a flirty feel. You can use a blow dryer and brush to flip the ends slightly in or slightly out. You can also still use the common hairdos, such as ponytail or braid. 

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