Medium Short Hairstyles for In Between Lengths

The term "medium short hairstyles" might sound confusing, but it's actually a very simple concept. A medium short hairstyle is a cut that incorporates both medium and short layers. The look tends to fall into the trendy hairstyles category and can be a great way to get rid of patches of damaged hair.

Medium short hairstyles are handy if you're hair is in-between lengths or if you're growing out a short layered hairstyle. If you're trying to grow your hair out so you can get one of the many medium hairstyles, it can help ease you into the transition.

Concave Bob
If your hair is already shorter in the back than it is in the front, you might want to go with a concave bob hairstyle. This style is extreme short in the back and adds length as it sweeps towards the front. Your hair will be cut with an asymmetrical line with light, usually side swept, bangs. Depending on how much shape you want, your bob can be lightly or heavily layered.

Double Pageboy
A basic pageboy hairstyle is usually cut straight across at about ear length. The ends of the hair can then be curled to flip in or out. A double pageboy uses the pageboy look in the front and a longer layer in the back. The hair in front of the ears are cut in one even layer. The hair behind the ears is cut in an even, slightly longer layer. The back of the head can use up to two layers at the ends, but should remain mostly uniform in length.

Full Top
A full top hairstyle leaves lots of volume and long layers running from the crown of the head. It tapers the hair as it falls, creating small, long strands at the side of the head. The layering creates a very smooth and round shape without feathering. The cut will need a little root lifting product or some curling each morning to help it maintain the bounce and smooth look.

Razor Layers
The razor layers hairstyle is an extremely edgy look that will take a little styling time each morning to maintain. The look cuts sharp layers close to the head. The area around the face is sharply defined and at least a few strands should fall below the chin. The back can remain short, or use jagged, longer layers at the back of the neck. To keep the cut looking sharp, you need to use a little hair wax or gel each morning to create pointy tips and a slightly sleek line for the upper layers. 

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Medium length hairstyles allow you to get the best of both worlds - the ease of a short cut and the style options of a long style.

Hairstyles for medium length hair can be some of the easiest cuts in the world to maintain.

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