Variations on Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Shoulder length hairstyles are perfect compromises between easy hair care of a shorter cut and the inherent sexiness of a longer style. It's long enough to feel flirty, but short enough to work with a busy lifestyle. To maximize on this great cut, you also need to take advantage of all the available shoulder length styles that may appear flattering on you.

One of the reasons shoulder length hair is so popular is that it can work for most hairstyles or haircuts. Ponytails, pigtails, buns and an assortment of braids are readily available for your popular and quick hairdo needs.

Shag hairstyles are a timeless look that can be easy to manage and flattering on many different face shapes.  Shag hairstyles are basically just roughly layered cuts. They break up the flow of the hair to give a more defined shape and add some angles. This look is particularly flattering on round or baby faces. Straight or wavy hair works best for a shag, since curly hair tends to end up looking puffy.

Shoulder length hair with tons of curls should be embraced, never destroyed. Have fun with your bouncing locks by letting them hang free around your face. Use an asymmetrical look, starting with long bangs fringe cut around your cheekbones. Go for a gradual, longer cut down your face, ending just below your shoulders. This creates a fantastic frame around your face and gives your curls lots of room to shine.

For a sleeker look, try a straight, A-line cut. Keep your bangs long and straight around your face. Have the cut become gradually shorter towards the back of your head. This look is very modern, very chic and still works if you just want to pull everything into a ponytail or barrette.

If you want something a little sexy, make sure you have lots of smoothing and curl enhancing hair products nearby. Get a basic straight cut that's slightly rounded in the back. Use clips, barrettes, hairspray or other hair smoothing products to keep the hair on your head straight and shiny. Add some curl enhancing products to the hair falling below the cheeks. Voila, you now have a classic movie star's look.

Whatever hair style you choose, always try to match your hair products to that styles need.  If your style uses volume, buy some volume enhancing shampoo and conditioner. If your style needs sleek strands, try an anti-frizz serum or smoothing conditioner. 

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