The A-line Stacked Medium Cut

The A-line stacked medium cut is all about accentuating the face in a trendy, edgy and fashionable manner. This is a fashion haircut that really has personality. Boldness is synonymous with this look.

Short layers of hair are integral to the A-line stacked medium cut. Here, the hair at the front of the face is cut into longer layers that frame the face. Hair at the back of the head is cut shorter. Thus, the shape of the letter A is built. The hair framing the face is often angled toward the chin to accentuate the shape of the look.

The stacked piece of this cut refers to the back of the fashion haircut. Here, the hair is layered so that it looks as if the hair is stacked. This hair is then teased so that it has a great deal of volume. The fullness of the stacked sections accentuates the A-shape of the hair framing the face. This is a look that is dramatic, edgy and full of angles.

Bangs are an optional piece of this look. You can have bangs in addition to the angled sections of hair framing the face. Since the hairstyle is about creativity, the bangs associated with the look vary. You could go with long layered bangs that fall past the eyebrows; you could play around with geometric-type bangs that range from blunt and severe to asymmetrical.

Hair styling for this look involves teasing and straightening. After all, the A-line stacked medium cut is all about angles. Once the hair is straightened, hairspray, gel and a comb can be used to pump up the stacked sections of hair. You can even add some playful spikes to the top of the head for added flair. Consider adding highlights in fun colors to accentuate the angles and edginess of the look.

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