How to Be Scene

Want to know how to be scene? And what exactly does "scene" mean in the first place? If you're wondering how to be scene, but still can't seem to figure it out, there's no need to worry. Just hold on to your square glasses and skinny jeans because things are about to get scene.

Are you scene?
When people are referred to as being scene, this applies to more than just their style of dress. Certainly clothing plays a factor, but being scene is really about how you live your life. In general, being scene means that you are involved in the local music scene. This music is usually emo and its sub genres. Your enjoyment of the music influences how you dress and how you wear your hair, especially when you go out to shows.

What is scene clothing?
Scene clothing tends to be tight-fitting. This goes for both men and women. Skinny jeans are all the rage. T-shirts are popular, especially ones that sport a band logo or a throwback to icons of the -70s or -80s. Anything that you can accessorize with buttons, such as a vest, is also popular. The color of the clothing tends to be on the darker end of the spectrum. Footwear includes old-school Converse brand sneakers and pretty much any kind of skater shoe. It is also important to accessorize with belts, buckles, buttons and wristbands.

What about the scene hairstyle?
Scene hairdos are usually layered and angular. Both men and women sport long, flat bangs that tend to be brushed off to one side of the forehead. Short haircuts for men and women feature these bangs with spikes in the back. Longer cuts for women feature layered levels cut at different lengths. Though most scene kids dye their hair black, many of them also dye one layer a bright color, such as pink. Once you're done with the hair, both men and women should apply plenty of eyeliner.

Remember, there really is no exact science on how to be scene. Anyone can dress a certain way, but being scene is about immersing yourself in the music. The rest just kind of falls in place. 

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