How to Style Scene Hair

Do you want to learn how to style scene hair? Scene hair is loads of fun: big, loud, extreme and eye-catching. It's easy to learn the basics of how to style scene hair, but the trick is to do yours in such a way that you are totally original. You'll want your hair to stand out from the rest and not look at all like an imitation of anyone else's hair.

Get the Right Haircut
You'll need to get a cut that is side-sweeping and lends itself well to a big hair style. Ask for a piecey cut with long layers that parts to the side.

Go For Color
If you're coloring your own hair at home, you may want to bleach segments of your hair and color other segments in contrasting colors. If you have dark hair, you will need to bleach the sections of hair you want to dye bright colors before you add the hair color since dark hair doesn't take bright or light colors well. If you want to add temporary hair color, try coloring your hair using unsweetened Kool-Aid on bleached hair.

Buy The Right Products
You'll need an extra moisturizing shampoo, extra moisturizing conditioner, straightening product, leave in conditioner, styling gel and extra hold hair spray.

Step-by-Step Hair Styling Instructions For Scene Hair
When you have your style and products ready, it's time to dive into transforming regular hair into scene hair.

Wash Hair
Shampoo and condition your hair. Leave in the conditioner extra long to combat damage done during the straightening process.

Towel Dry
After you've towel dried your hair, add straightening product, a tiny dab of leave in conditioner, and styling gel. Comb through your hair to remove all knots.

Blow Dry
Blow dry your hair in segments, lifting hair straight up from roots and pulling taut to keep it as straight and as big as possible. Blow dry hair completely so no moisture is left at all.

Flat Iron
Flat iron your hair in segments until hair is stick straight. If you have a powerful flat iron, be careful never to use on high heat or you may burn your hair.

Make It Big
Flip your head upside down and section out a segment of hair. Spray extra hold hair spray to roots of hair and use the hair dryer to blow dry it so it is huge and stands up. When you've done several sections of your hair, stand back up again and let it all dry and cool naturally without touching it. It should be really huge and kind of crazy.

Tease It
Use a comb to back-comb your hair, positioning segments of your hair as you want it. You may want to secure some of it with a barrette or head band.

Seal the Deal
Spray hair with hair spray and let dry.

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