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Scene girl hair is all about attitude and creativity. There are no set rules about hair length, but there is an implied commitment that a scene girl is going to rock her look.

Scene hair often features a general focal point, whether it happens to be bangs, spikes or bold color. Some scene girls choose to dye their hair a non-traditional color, such as purple, turquoise, royal blue or fire engine red.

Regardless of the length of the hair, choppy layering of the crown, sides and back sections is important because it adds thickness to the hair. Bangs are a must - they should fall just below the eyebrow and can either hang as a blunt bang or a series of sharp spikes.

Styling the hair with spikes incorporates a different dimension to the style and utilizes straight lines creating points. The spikes may rest against the cheeks in short styles, on the shoulders in medium length hair or be tapered into points for long hair.

A scene hairstyle requires the proper hair product, such as hairspray or hair wax, to keep the style in place. Teasing is part of the scene style, especially the crown area, where applying hairspray is useful as it adds fullness to the area and if left in an unkempt state, creates a messy hair look that is another popular style with scene hair. 

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Scene haircuts will help you stand out in any crowd.

Want to know how to get scene hair? Before you get started with the scissors or the hair dye, realize that the main goal of scene hair is to get you noticed.

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Short scene hair can use minimal hair to make the maximal style statement.

If you want scene kid hair, you're going to have to be ready to be bold and get noticed.

To learn how to be scene, start by making bold statements with your wardrobe. Someone who is scene isn't afraid to try new things.

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