Scene Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Scene hairstyles for curly hair change frequently, very frequently. The cut, the color or the styling method can change, as long as something changes. There is no specific cut for scene hair for curly hair, or any other hair type, for that matter. The hairstyle corresponds to the wearer's taste in music, her friends, clothing and the type of club she hangs out in. For this reason, although it's much easier to attempt scene hair styling with straight hair, you can get a scene look with curly hair, too.

Straighten only some of your hair. You can straighten your hair to create a scene hairstyle, but straightening hair causes damage, so that should only be done on occasion. Instead, straighten the bangs or only a portion of the hair, leaving the back curly.

Razor your bangs. Straighten the bangs and cut them at an angle with a razor. These bangs can be left hanging, or, for a different change, they can be pinned up on the side of your head. However, you might want to consult your stylist before you attempt to razor any parts yourself, as it's hard to tell what a cut will look like on curly hair before you actually do the cutting and dry it.

Look to the past. Some scene hairstyles for curly hair are based on hairstyles from the pop 80s, indie, hardcore, new wave, metal and retro classic music. For example, you can use gel with short, curly hair to create a punk-rock Mohawk without shaving the sides of your head.

Dye your hair in new colors. Change the color of your hair, or streak your hair with different colors. You might have red streaks one week, and blue streaks the next week. Other common colors are green, purple and yellow. Streaks can look just as good on curly hair as it does on straight hair. Color your hair black and add colorful streaks. Or go yellow-blond with orange streaks.

Change accessories often. Use big bows one week and tiny bows the next week. Add sparkles to your hair. Go natural, without any accessories another week. Use your imagination to make constant changes to those curly locks.

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Scene haircuts will help you stand out in any crowd.

Want to know how to get scene hair? Before you get started with the scissors or the hair dye, realize that the main goal of scene hair is to get you noticed.

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