Scene Hairstyles for Girls

Scene hairstyles for girls are bold and funky looks. Scene hair is a mixture of both punk and goth styles. The one thing all scene hairstyles have in common is that they typically use straight hair. There are usually no cascades of tight ringlets, soft waves or bouncing curls when it comes to this look.

Scene hair tends to have a very jagged cut and heavy layering. The hair is often colored a bold hue with contrasting streaks. However, color is not an absolute rule when it comes to this style. Scene hair can be jet black, honey blonde or neon green. The style can create sleek or big hair. Whatever the volume of the hair, the look uses lots of spiking and layering to achieve a wild style.

Asymmetrical Scene Hairstyle
An asymmetrical scene hairstyle can be any length. A basic asymmetrical haircut leaves the hair on one side of the head longer than the other. This creates a sweeping, uneven style. To make the haircut a scene style, you need to add lots of choppy layers to the sweeping angle. The look pairs well with side swept, blunt, long or short bangs. With proper hair styling and a little gel, the cut can go from sleek to wild in just a few minutes.

Long Slices Hairstyle
A long slices hairstyle uses lots of long and angled layers to create a dramatic look. The tiny patch of hair on the sides of the forehead, before the ears, should be cut the longest. The hair near the nape of the neck should also be cut long. The remainder of the hair should be cut in medium and short layers. Any style of bangs matches with this wild cut. Use root lifter to create some volume near the crown of the head. Use gel to accentuate the pointy ends of each layer slice. 

Shy Scene Hairstyle
A shy scene hairstyle is cut close to the face, leaving lots of short choppy layers to sweep across the eyes and cheeks. It is considered "shy" because it hides most of the face, creating a mini barrier between you and the outside world. A shy cut must have long bangs that sweep across at least one eye. The bangs should remain choppy, regardless if they're side swept or not. The look usually cuts some short strands near the crown of the head, giving a little height and volume.

Scene Hairstyle Tips
One of the best things about scene haircuts is how creatively you can style them. If you're in a hurry, you can just brush your hair, spread a little gel onto the ends and head out the door. If you want a little volume, you can use lots of gel and spike the hair out in any direction. If you want to get a little feminine, you can pair barrettes, bows or headbands with your look. The stark contrast between a sweet pink bow and spiky blue tresses is just the kind of bold statement that the scene style is known for.

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