Easy Scene Hairstyles

A scene hair design is a combination of punk and glamour that captures the attitude of the wearer and can change with the flick of a brush or change in hair color. Scene hairstyles are original designs because they are individual statements created by each person to reflect personal attitudes through creative hair styles.

Scene hair is similar to goth hairstyles in the use of bold cuts, teased hair, colorful highlights, spiked hair and layered sections. To enhance the cut, it is optional to strategically place hair clips and trinkets in the hair or wear a headband to add to the overall look.

The styles are big and meant to be creative and do not follow the traditional guidelines of other, stricter styles.

Scene Hairstyles
The use of a thick bang, either cut blunt or frayed across the forehead in a different color, is popular among scene girls. The bangs provide contrast to the rest of the hair style whether blunt cut or worn in a long spike. Bangs cut and worn as one long sweeping section of hair down the side of the face and tapered or spiked on the ends is an easy cut for guys and girls.

Mini-Mohawks, spikes throughout the hair and multi-length layers work alone as a style or in combination with multiple techniques. Hair sections cut in varying layers with a pattern design using contrasting colors works with short or long hair. A checkered, abstract or animal pattern cut into very short hair covering the head is the base for a full or semi-full Mohawk.

Short, shaggy hairstyles with frayed ends, unbrushed shoulder length hair, very long hair with layered tips and heavy teasing and short to medium hair brushed from the back of the crown forward into spikes covering the eyes and face are basic hairstyles. 

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Scene haircuts will help you stand out in any crowd.

Want to know how to get scene hair? Before you get started with the scissors or the hair dye, realize that the main goal of scene hair is to get you noticed.

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Short scene hair can use minimal hair to make the maximal style statement.

If you want scene kid hair, you're going to have to be ready to be bold and get noticed.

To learn how to be scene, start by making bold statements with your wardrobe. Someone who is scene isn't afraid to try new things.

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