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Scene kid hair is part of a package that reflects this hip and teen-oriented subculture. Scene hair styles defy tradition, instead focusing on the creativity of the wearer.

To get scene kid hair, it is important to plan ahead. Decide on how the style is going to take shape: color, length, accessories and overall impact.

The most popular scene hair color is black. To enhance natural black or dark brown colors, hair dyed a deeper tone of the same color - jet or blue black, for instance - will stand out. Blonde is the second most popular color for scene hair, whether it is natural or bleached. Neon colors, such as bright pink, green, yellow and orange, or dark tones of maroon, red or blue, will provide the contrast to make lighter tones stand out.

The cut is king when it comes to scene hair. While creativity is encouraged, a standard scene cut will most likely feature short, cropped sections of hair, along with extensive layering. Layering adds volume, especially the crown, which allows for the large puffy look that is a big part of the scene hairstyle. Mohawks and spikes, however, are also popular touches.

Bangs are especially important to the look - most scene cuts feature a bold, straight fringe or heavy bang.

While hair color can become an accessory of sorts, creating specific color patterns, scene kids tend to embellish their hair styles with other accessories. Clips, barrettes, flowers and wide headbands are among the most popular accessories for a scene look. 

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Scene haircuts will help you stand out in any crowd.

Want to know how to get scene hair? Before you get started with the scissors or the hair dye, realize that the main goal of scene hair is to get you noticed.

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Short scene hair can use minimal hair to make the maximal style statement.

To learn how to be scene, start by making bold statements with your wardrobe. Someone who is scene isn't afraid to try new things.

Want to learn how to style scene hair? Scene hair is loads of fun: big, loud, extreme and eye-catching. Learn how to get this hair and rock this look.

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