Scene Kid Hairstyles

Scene kid hairstyles are very wild looks that tends to use straight hair. The bold fashion statements made with scene kid hair borrows from the punk hairstyles of the 1980s. Though the hair can be styled in many different ways, the basic scene cut is always choppy and layered, tending to use wild hues as both base and accent colors. White blonde hair with jet black and hot pink streaks is a very scene look.

Most scene hair requires styling each day. There are lots of spikes, pointy ends and sweeping strands. It's not the kind of look that you can just wash, dry and head out the door. If you want to fit in with scene style, keep ample amounts of gel, hairspray and mousse in your bathroom.

Angled Bob Scene Hairstyle
An angled bob scene hairstyle looks great on guys or girls. It should be cut short, anywhere above the shoulders, and have very jagged angles. The hair should be trimmed shorter in the back than in the front. The hair closest to the crown of the head should be cut very short to create a spiky profile. Any type of bangs can be used, though side-swept tend to be the most popular.

Asymmetrical Scene Hairstyle
An asymmetrical scene hairstyle is one of the most popular scene looks for males and females. The cut is done at a jagged angle, with hair on one side of the head left much longer than on the other. The hair is then heavily layered and usually paired with choppy bangs. The most popular styling method for the look is spiky. Use gel to spike out the shorter strands near the crown of the head, creating volume. Slide the gel along the ends of each layer cluster, creating pointy tips that accentuate the uneven nature of the look.

Chopped Long Scene Hairstyle
The long and chopped scene hairstyle works best for girls who like to wear ponytails, pigtails or braids. The look uses an under layer of long and uneven hair. The closer the hair gets to the crown, the shorter it's cut. It results in a choppy look that can still be styled in many different ways. The bangs can be cut in almost any manner and still look good. This style is also perfect for adding streaks of bold color.

Spiked Pixie Hairstyle
A pixie hairstyle cuts the hair only a few inches in length. The bangs are kept short and blunt as well. The cut uses heavy layering to outline the shape of your head and frame your face. With a little gel, you can spike the layers out to create a very scene style. You can also sweep the layers upwards towards the crown of your head and spike just the top hair.

Shag Scene Hairstyle
A shag scene hairstyle is another unisex look that works for guys or girls. The hair should be cut straight across at about shoulder length. Choppy layers should be added around the entire head, including the blunt bangs. The layers should be kept long around the crown, though, to help create a shaggy style. If the hair around the crown is layered too short, you'll end up with more of a poofy look. 

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Scene haircuts will help you stand out in any crowd.

Want to know how to get scene hair? Before you get started with the scissors or the hair dye, realize that the main goal of scene hair is to get you noticed.

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Short scene hair can use minimal hair to make the maximal style statement.

If you want scene kid hair, you're going to have to be ready to be bold and get noticed.

To learn how to be scene, start by making bold statements with your wardrobe. Someone who is scene isn't afraid to try new things.

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