Styling a Long Layered Shag Haircut

Long layered shag haircuts are some of the best cuts to have if you need versatility in your look. These styles look great pin straight, wavy or curly or even pulled back.

Use a Flat Iron
While a flat iron may be the most damaging tool for your hair, long shag haircuts look great after the use of one. Try to avoid getting too close to the roots of your hair when using a flat iron to avoid a slick, flat to the head look. Be sure to use products on your hair to protect it from the damage of the heat, such as leave-in conditioners and thermal shampoos conditioners and flat iron sprays. A flat iron will give your long layered hair the best shaggy look it can have, and really emphasize the choppiness of the cut.

Get a Blow Out
Many women have difficulty blow drying their own long hair with a round brush, so go to a salon before a night on the town to get a blow out professionally done. A blow out is the ultimate way to get sleek sexy voluminous hair that won't fall flat all night. Sometimes you can even make it last until the next day or even two days after, depending on the amount of oils your scalp produces. Blow outs are typically relatively inexpensive and can make you look and feel like a celebrity.

Create Body Waves
If you are naturally blessed with wavy or curly hair, embrace it! Long shag haircuts look great both straight and wavy. Emphasize curls and waves by using mousse or a curl activating hair spray. Scrunch your hair in your fist to get better waves. If your hair needs a little help in creating that luscious body, use a diffuser. A diffuser is just an attachment that goes on the end of your blow dryer-many of them are included. Scrunch hair in the diffuser to get maximum curl. Wavy or curly long shag cuts are an awesome throwback to the original 1970s shag style while still looking modern and sassy.

Use a Curling Iron
For a special event or to feel special on an average day, take the time to curl your locks. Use a thick barrel curler to get big sexy curls and set with a finishing spray. Smaller ringlets can look great too and will emphasize your layers, but may take more time to do with longer hair. You can also use hot rollers to do your entire mane at once. Use the bigger curlers for the longest layers underneath and the medium and small rollers for the layers on top.

Pull it Back
Long hair looks great when worn in a ponytail braids or various other updo's. Stick straight hair in a long ponytail pulled over the shoulder with a side part, is a sexy look that can go from sophisticated teacher by day to sassy vixen by night. Headbands are always good for a classic preppy chic look; you can pull hair out of your face, or place over your part. Mini clips work well for creating volume at the crown of your head when wearing hair half up. Make a side part and keeping the part, pull up a small section of hair from the front and top of your head and secure at the back with the mini claw clip. You can tug at various pieces to create a clean but unkempt playful look.

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