Medium Shag Haircuts I Stylish and Easy

Medium shag haircuts can be the easiest length haircut to care for and maintain. Short hair can grow out in strange ways and long hair can be damaged easily, so if you're a low maintenance kind of gal, a medium length shag could be great for you.

Regular Trims
The key to maintaining luscious locks all the time, is to make sure the ends stay healthy. When your hair grows longer, ends tend to dry out and break off, creating a frizzy look. Avoid this fashion faux pas by getting regular trims. Every six weeks or so, go to a salon and get just about a half inch taken off. It's not enough to really make a difference in the length of your hair, but it is just enough to make the ends healthier again. With medium shag haircuts you might be able to go a little longer than six weeks, because of the choppiness and razored style of your cut. Ask your hair stylist her professional opinion of how often a trim for your hair type is needed.

Avoid Hot Tools
Any length of hair gets damaged more quickly with the use of flat irons and blow dryers, but it seems to be more tempting to use these hot tools with a medium length shag. If you must use a straightening iron for hair styling the choppy shaggy look that your cut was made for, avoid using a blow dryer too. At the very least allow your hair to air dry, spray a heat protector evenly over hair and then use the flat iron. Medium shag haircuts can also look great when left wavy and au naturale. Try a wave activating mousse on humid days and get the 70s hippie shag look naturally. If your hair has a hard time creating waves on its own, briefly use a diffuser. Though it may still use heat on your hair, it isn't as harsh as using a flat iron from root to tip. If you are a big fan of the hot tools, be sure to take other corrective measures and get trims more frequently.

Condition and Strengthen
Use a deep treatment shampoo and conditioner, especially if you do use hot tools. Try a product with heat protection or root strengtheners. The best cure is prevention, so stop pesky flyaways in their tracks by keeping hair healthy. Try at-home treatments using natural ingredients like avocado to increase shine and smoothness. Hot oil shower treatments also work well. Even if you are good about getting regular trims or avoiding damaging practices, conditioning works wonders for medium shags. If you put in a little extra effort in the shower, your coif will stay effortlessly flawless all day long.

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