Classic Short Shag Haircuts

Short shag haircuts are more and more popular these days, with everyone from Raquel Welch to Paris Hilton sporting the look. Classic shag styles are great because they make full faces look thinner and can be equally kind to those with thin or thick hair. Short shag haircuts look good with every hair color and can be very easy to manage. A messy, low-maintenance look can be very sexy and stylish, which is perfectly in tune with the short shag look.

A short shag can be extremely versatile, despite its stunted length. Find a stylist who can evaluate the proportions of your face and the thickness and texture of your hair. While a shag is usually pin-straight and choppy, it can look great on curly or wavy hair as well.

Shorter in the Back
A shag popularized by Victoria Beckham is the long in the front, short in the back look. Often referred to as "the Posh," after Beckham's Spice Girls name, this look is typically achieved by many layers in the back, starting at the nape of the neck. These layers can get progressively longer, or oppositely get progressively shorter to affect more of a bob shag look.

Pixie Shag
A pixie shag hairstyle is very short and has been seen on celebrities such as Alyssa Milano and Halle Berry. A shag this short looks awesome with pieces sticking up and out for daytime casual, but it can also be slicked back into a chic nighttime look.

Long Layers
The most common and classic shag haircut involves many long layers that frame the face. Meg Ryan and Kate Moss have been spotted rocking this hairstyle. Often with this cut, there is no visible part but hair is messed around all over. Use products with long shags, such as a wax or pomade to get a more texturized and sexy look.

Shag haircuts always allow for hair accessories. Because of the short length, ponytails can't be worn, but headbands and clips make stylish alternatives. Bobby pins are perfect for short shags because they can be hidden among the layers of your hair. A braid along the hairline is also a good look, and short shag styles look great with highlights and lowlights of color to add shine and complexity.

When it comes to classic short shags, you may think you don't have a lot of options. The reality is that this funky and stylish look is extremely versatile and can easily be changed and played around with.

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