Buzzed Haircuts for Women

Are you brave enough to try buzzed haircuts for women? Buzzed haircuts can be breath-taking and exhilarating, but is this style right for you?

The first question you'll need to answer is whether or not you have the body shape to go short. If you have a small face, delicate features or have a small frame, you can definitely go for a short buzzed haircut. If you have a big round face, are big boned or are heavy, you may want to keep your hair somewhat long or at least go for a fuller short hair cut so you can balance out your overall frame. Basically, you want to use your hair as the final accessory for your body. If you have huge long hair and a tiny, delicate face, your lovely facial features will be dwarfed by all that hair. If you have a bigger body and go with short hair, your head may look disproportionately small or you may find that unattractive neck features stand out because of the short hairstyle.

Does a buzz cut fit your wardrobe style? If you wear conservative clothing that is low-key, you may want to consider a different cut. Buzzed haircuts look best on women who dress bravely, whether that be in power suits or punk rock styles. Even fun feminine clothes can work with a buzz cut, if they are daring enough.

Buzzed haircuts for women look best on women with bold personalities who have either delicate or chiseled features and are svelte overall. The masculinity of the buzzed haircut is contrasted by the lovely facial features and compliments a trim physique. A buzzed haircut declares confidence; it is a fashion haircut that makes a loud statement. If you're not prepared to make a statement with your hair, you'll want to avoid the buzz cut.

Another reason buzzed haircuts are gaining popularity is the celebration of women who have undergone chemotherapy and are proclaiming their battle against cancer. Going for a buzzed haircut with your friend or family member who is losing her hair due to chemotherapy can be an incredibly empowering and bonding experience.

While the buzz cut is relatively straight forward, there are a few variations of buzzed haircuts for women today.

The Classic Buzzed Haircut
This is a simple buzzed haircut, completed with an electric razor. The hair is cut evenly, very short and close to the scalp. This cut is a wash and wear cut.

Buzzed Haircut With Longer Layers on Top
If you want to retain a little versatility, you can ask the stylist to change the level of the razor used to give you slightly longer hair on top of your head and slightly shorter hair on the sides and back. You can shape the buzz cut such that your hair forms a particular shape or even sports a message or symbol shaved into the longer hair, or you can simply have slightly longer hair on top that may be styled with your fingers and some gel.

Buzzed Haircut With Mohawk
If you wish to give yourself a punk rocker look, you can ask for a buzzed cut everywhere except for one strip of hair where it is left long. The long hair can be styled with gel or glue as desired. Some people like to dye the long hair a different color.

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Cutting your hair is a fun way to update your look. Short haircuts for women can be sexy, sleek or carefree. When choosing a short cut, keep in mind the shape of your face, the type and texture of your hair and your lifestyle.

If you are daring to chop off your hair, consider one of the classic short haircuts for women. You'll look great and have a sense of timeless style.

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