Easy Short Hairstyles

Are you looking for short easy hairstyles to make your morning routine go a little faster? Try these modern short hairstyles for a snazzy look that won't take you forever to style.

Ultra Short Bob
This style works best if you've got thin hair. Ask your stylist for an ultra short bob with a few layers so all you have to do is blow dry with a round brush and go. If you have thin, fine hair, the blow-drying won't take long at all. You can spice this style up by varying where you part your hair each day or by adding some fun color.

Messy Layers
If you have thick, naturally wavy hair, try asking your stylist for a short, layered cut that you can just tousle and go. For an extra modern look, ask for super short bangs and keep the whole look just to the ears. Go for many layers. Use styling gel or mouse to vamp it up and finger dry or casually wave your blow-dryer all over your head to partially dry it before you finger the little waves and layers into a funky, messy style. You'll need to get a cut like this trimmed often-about every four weeks-if you want to keep it fresh. It will get heavy and lose its bounce if you go too long between haircuts.

Radically Short and Layered
If you want the ultimate in easy short hair, ask your stylist for an extremely short and layered cut that you can spike or tease in the back, but will leave bluntly layered everywhere else. Use enough styling product to define the layers and use vibrant color to make a statement.

Short and Flippy
If you don't mind investing a few minutes in your hair, you can ask for short flippy style. Keep the cut above the ears and ask for short layers all over. Using styling gel, work the layers into little flips while your hair is still wet. When your hair and the gel dries, run your fingers over your hair to remove the crunchy feeling and reveal shiny, flippy and cute hair.

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