Short Hairstyles for Older Women

Short hairstyles for older women help add body and shape to aging hair. As we age, our bodies naturally slow down. Your body produces less melanin, giving your hair less pigment and thus less color. Your body produces less oils and nutrients, making strands dry, thin and weak. Your hair growth rate also slows down, producing less hair to help balance out the problems.

The best way to deal with aging hair is to cut it shoulder-length or shorter. This prevents your hair from being weighed down and looking flat. It also helps prevent damage, as the hair is short enough to receive adequate oil from the scalp. Though short hair is easy to manage, it still needs proper care. It's vital to properly wash, condition, hydrate and trim your hair to keep it looking healthy and attractive. 

A bob is one of the most popular and versatile short hairstyles around, regardless of whether you're young or old. Though a bob can be cut with wild or uneven lines, older women with medium to thick hair tend to look best with a basic bob. Cut the hair straight across, a few inches above the shoulder. Add blunt bangs or go without any bangs.

Rounded Bob
A rounded bob is more suitable for older women with thin hair. The hair should be cut a few inches above the shoulders with a subtle and lightly rounded line. Add soft and contoured layers to create a rounded shape and add body. Lightly layer the hair around the face to continue the contoured line. Match with any kind of bangs.

Short Fringe
A short fringe cut is a modern short hair look perfectly suited for older women. Cut the hair about two to three inches long around the entire head, including the bangs area. You want the layers to be lightly angled, but not jagged or thinned. You can leave the style natural for a soft look, add root lifter for volume around the crown and/or add gel to the tips of your hair for a spiky effect.

Framing Layers
A framing layers cut has volume around the crown and frames the face. The hair around the crown should be cut in long and contoured layers, around earlobe length, to create shape and body. The hair at the lower back and sides of the head should be cut in a short and slightly tapered line that sweeps against the skin to frame the face. Match with any kind of bangs.

Bowl Cut
A bowl cut is a short and rounded style that mimics a bowl shape. It is similar to a framing layers cut, except the hair is cut shorter and uses less layering. Trim the hair around the entire head in a circular shape about one inch below the top of the ear. Lightly layer the hair two inches from the tip if you need a little shape. Cut the remaining hair one to two inches in length in a gently tapered line. 

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Cutting your hair is a fun way to update your look. Short haircuts for women can be sexy, sleek or carefree. When choosing a short cut, keep in mind the shape of your face, the type and texture of your hair and your lifestyle.

If you are daring to chop off your hair, consider one of the classic short haircuts for women. You'll look great and have a sense of timeless style.

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