Feminine Short Hairstyles for Women

Short haircuts don't have to look masculine. There are plenty of feminine short hairstyles for women and many celebrities are wearing short haircuts beautifully now. So if you're ready to give up your long hair, you can still look just as girly and have a look that'll take less effort to maintain. 

Is a short haircut right for you?
If you're worried about looking boyish with a short hairstyle, you should consider a few things before you chop. Short haircuts for women have the power to make you look younger and even thinner, as they tend to open up your face. However, those with delicate facial features will look the most feminine.

Also consider the rest of your look. You can complement your short haircut and make it seem more girly with the right makeup and fashion choices. If you're a sneakers and lip balm kind of girl, you might have to step up your style or stay away from super short cuts.

Try trendy styles
The key to keeping short hair feminine is to make sure your cut has style. Katie Holmes and Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham have been making gossip rag headlines with their short haircuts recently. The bob and even the pixie cut are so well known and worn so well by these fashionistas that you'll be perceived as feminine, too.

Curls and waves
If your hair is curly or wavy, you've got an advantage when it comes to short hairstyles for women. The added texture and volume will give your cut a girly edge instantly. If you have straight hair, consider adding feminine flair with a curling iron.

Flaunt your features
Because short haircuts put the attention back on your face rather than your hair, you can use the style to draw the eyes to your best and most feminine features. Angled layers or angled bangs can accentuate cheekbones or draw attention away from your nose. Bangs can do a lot, too. Layered bangs soften features while blunt cut bangs sharpen them. Straight bangs can give extra oomph to thin faces while side-swept bangs can take the pounds of wide faces. Ask your hair stylist to help you achieve the most gorgeous feminine short haircut.

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Cutting your hair is a fun way to update your look. Short haircuts for women can be sexy, sleek or carefree. When choosing a short cut, keep in mind the shape of your face, the type and texture of your hair and your lifestyle.

If you are daring to chop off your hair, consider one of the classic short haircuts for women. You'll look great and have a sense of timeless style.

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