Sassy Short Wedge Haircuts

Short wedge haircuts are a great and versatile look for men or women of any age range. This layered style was first made famous in the 1970s by stylist Trevor Sorbie of the Vidal Sassoon salon in London. The look quickly gained popularity and has bounced in and out fashion several times since.

Wedge Haircut
A wedge haircut creates a triangle shape around your face. It looks a little like a bob hairstyle, only with more angles. To get a wedge, you need to cut your hair at the nape of the neck short. The hair should be cut longer the higher up you go, with the longest strands coming from the crown of the head. This style of layering will result in the hair being thicker and wider at or above the ears rather than below.

Classic short wedge haircuts tend to have layers that are slightly shorter at the sides of the head than they are in the back. This angle can be anywhere from subtle to dramatic, depending on the exact wedge style your looking for. The style can also be worn with or without short bangs.

Short Wedge Haircuts

  • The classic short wedge hairstyle looks very similar to a bob hairstyle. However, instead of cutting your hair straight across, you want to have it layered. The hair at the nape of the neck should be cut about 1/2 inch long with remaining layers cut slightly longer towards the crown. Pair the look with bangs cut moderately shorter than the surrounding hair.
  • The layered short wedge hairstyle may sound redundant, but it is more heavily and obviously layered than the classic wedge. The hair at the nape of the neck can be cut anywhere from 1/8 to 1 inch long. The remaining layers should be cut at dramatically longer lengths as they get closer to the crown of the head. Bangs look best with this style, and should also be obviously layered.
  • The angled short wedge hairstyle is a very trendy and youthful look. The hair closest to the nape of the neck and back of the head is cut the shortest. The hair is then tapered and layered, getting longer the closer to the crown and front of the head. This creates a style that is dramatically shorter in the back than in the front, and longer at the top than at the bottom. This look works best without bangs, or with sharply angled, side swept bangs. 
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