Short Wedge Hairstyles

Short wedge hairstyles are fun, trendy ways to easily get a great looking style that doesn't require an hour in front of the mirror every morning. Instead, you get an easy and pretty look even on those busy mornings during which you haven't a minute to spare.

Short hairstyles come and go, but the short wedge hangs in there, bringing to the splash of a modern haircut to a great classic look. The wedge first gained popularity back in 1976, when the world was first captivated by US Olympian figure skater Dorothy Hamill. More than 30 years, the short wedge still looks trendy-just ask Charlize Theron or Kimberly Caldwell, two beauties who have proved in recent years that short hairstyles and the wedge in particular are definitely still hot.

A wedge is very similar to a bob haircut, but the wedge takes on a little more personality than a standard bob. A wedge cut adds some angles that taper upward and add body, movement and sex appeal. A wedge is especially tapered with heavy layering at the nape of the neck, giving it is signature fullness and swing. For a soft wedge cut, with plenty of texture, have your hair razor cut to reduce the bulk. No matter what your face shape, you can probably wear a short wedge hairstyle. It even works for thin hair, a hair type notoriously difficult to style.

Your wedge haircut will require trimming every six to eight weeks, but your daily styling routine isn't bad once you get the routine down pat. Towel dry your hair and use a straightening balm or cream from the roots to the ends. Use a dryer on its low speed, high heat setting until your hair is mostly dry. Section hair with clips and smooth each section against the scalp. Be sure to start from the back and work your way forward. Finish up with a straightener and spay with a maximum strength hairspray.

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