Cheerleading Hairstyles

The right cheerleading hairstyles can make all of the difference whether you are going to a game or to a competition. If you have the right style, not only can you help create a sense of unity among members of your team, you can feel confident that you are looking sharp with a look that won't come undone during your high flying ways.

This hairstyle is a pigtail up do. Divide your hair in half. Pull your hair up into two pigtails perched on top of your head. Take one pigtail and wind it around itself until you have a small bun and then pin in place. Repeat on the other side.

You can make your buns tight on top of themselves or wind them looser for larger buns. You can also be a little "sloppy" for a "breezier" look or pull pieces down to accent your face.

Modified French Braid
French braid your hair until you reach the nape of your neck. Then, elastic band the braid in place, leaving the balance of your hair in a pony-like tail. Pull some pieces free to frame your face. If you like, you can curl your free pieces and the balance of your hair with a curling iron. Use some hair spray to keep your hair braided and curled as appropriate.

Crimped Ponytail
After washing your hair, add some styling gel to your hair and blow dry your hair straight. Divide your hair into small sections. Get your crimping iron and crimp away. After you are finished, pull your hair up into a ponytail. Use a hair spray to help hold the crimps.

As an alternative, crimp every other section of hair before you create your ponytail. Another idea is put your hair up into a pony tail, divide the tail into sections, and crimp just the tail itself. You can also reverse this idea and crimp your hair up to or partly into the ponytail. Then, you can let the ponytail fly or curl it in contrast to the crimps.

To help keep this hairstyle in place, use styling gel or styling wax.

Part your hair a bit off-center. Pick one side and start twisting your hair tightly. Pin the roll into place as you progress through your hair. Use hairspray occasionally for holding help and to keep your do smooth.

Repeat on the other side. When you are close to being done, push the twisted ends of both sides into the overall twist and pin.

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