How to Sew in Hair Weave Instructions

Learn how to sew in a hair weave and you can save some money and a trip to the salon. Sewn in weaves are great because they last a long time, which means you can look your best for quite some time.

Before you start, be sure you have the necessary supplies. You will need a curved needle that has a dull tip, thread and high quality weave that matches your hair's color. If you go with a low quality weave, the look will neither last as long as you'd want nor look natural. Before you begin sewing, take the time to wash your hair so that you can remove the excess oils from it. Wait until the hair is dry before you start sewing.

Decide where you want the weave to begin and then make a thin cornrow that circles your head. If you have a weave that is covering your whole scalp and not just a certain area of the head, then you should make the cornrow an inch away from your head's crown. The cornrow should be tight enough so that it will not come undone. This is the base of your sewn-in hair weave: It needs to be firm.

Once the cornrow is finished, use the needle and thread to sew the end of the braid into itself. Next, take your weave and cut it so it's the same length as the cornrow. Using the needle and thread, sew in the weave to the cornrow. Remember not to pull when sewing: You do not want the weave to be too tight, and you do not want to break the weave or damage your own hair. Make sure the end is secure and then cut the thread. 

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