Quick Weave Hairstyles

If you are pressed for time, there are many quick weave hairstyles out there to help you look your best without having to spend hours in a chair. Life is full of accidents-you may have plans to have your hair done only to have those plans interrupted by a family emergency or a flat tire. Additionally, there may be times where you are stretched too thin financially and emotionally. This is where quick weave hairstyles can really save the day.

You should first wash your hair and be sure to moisturize it with a high quality conditioner. Pull your hair into a ponytail, making sure to layer the hair with a setting lotion. Since you are pressed for time, you will use the glue method for this quick weave hairstyle. Start by taking your weave and measuring it so that it goes from ear to ear at the back of your head. This measuring process is important. If the weave is too short, it will not look natural when glued on. Cut the track of weave and then glue it. Repeat this process for the front of your head, at the crown of your head.

When gluing your weave, you should follow a circular pattern. Once you have finished your gluing, it will be time to close the weave. Some weave pieces have closure pieces-if yours does not, you will need to make one by taking a two inch piece of weave, applying glue, rolling the hair up with the glue and then letting it dry. You can also use a flat iron to complete the weave closure.

Once your weave is in place, you can do just about any hairstyle. If you have a long and straight weave, you can do everything from cornrow your hair to gathering the hair into a loose or right ponytail. If you're in a hurry, tie a scarf around the front of your head, pile your hair up into a loose bun and head out.

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