The Pros and Cons of Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs are one of the most versatile and natural looking wig styles available, making them popular with movie and rock stars worldwide. However, lace front wigs have both big benefits and big disadvantages, depending on your specific needs.

A lace front wig is exactly like it sounds. It is a wig with a delicate lace scalp at the front. The lace is threaded with real or synthetic strands of hair in a completely natural manner. Just like real hair, the wig starts with a thin layer or short, thin hairs at the front. The hair grows thicker in size and volume, as well as longer, the farther back it is placed on the scalp.

This gradual transition from sparsely spread thin hair to densely spread thick hair creates the most realistic looking wig as far as the front appearance goes. It mimics how hair grows naturally, making it almost undetectable and thus fantastic for movies, theatre, photography, concerts or any other up-close visual work.

The realistic lace front also allows the hair part on the wig to occur anywhere. The wigs can then be curled, braided or twisted into any hair style desired. This fantastic versatility allows a single wig to be used in a wide assortment of looks, making it somewhat budget friendly.

The delicate work on lace front wigs is their single, biggest disadvantage. Because the lace scalp is so very delicate, and the strands of hair so very delicate, it makes the wig extremely easy to damage. The average lifespan of a lace front wig is very short compared to its sturdier counterparts.

The fragile lace front wig will also need repair work if worn regularly. The constant styling and wear will cause the front sections to fray and break. Both the scalp section and the silky strands will need to be regularly maintained for the life of the lace front wig. Without regular maintenance, the wig will quickly become a rag. 

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