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Popular Articles
Need to know how to cut curly hair? These tips will help your ringlets and waves look their most brilliant.
By Rachel Mork
If you want to learn how to remove skin tags, your best bet is to consult your dermatologist. While the procedures are safe, they still need to be performed by a professional.
By Julie Knapp
Five things to remember about getting the right tattoo.
By Philip Lop
People pierce their tongue to be trendy, exert control over their body, or celebrate a milestone in life.
By Christy Birmingham
Cuticle care is as important, if not more important than caring for your nails. Learn what you can do to help the cuticle in its job--protecting nails as they grow--and get more beautiful hands too.
By Julie Knapp
Dressing for success and a good self image while presenting yourself at your best.
By J.C. Pantola
From mildly annoying to excruciatingly unbearable, everyone itches at some time. Before you scratch, read this.
By Nancy Kennedy
Nail disorders are more common than many people realize. Learn how to spot the signs and treat disorders quickly and effectively.
By Lisa Bower
Find out why high heels remain a popular shoe choice for women.
By Marie Lorraine
Shopping in thrift stores is something that takes time to learn. It really is an acquired skill.
By Lisa Lewis
The Mary Kate Olsen haircut is one built upon the ideas of easy maintenance, long length and savvy layers. Learn how to take this famous twin's style and make it all your own.
By Lisa Bower
High heels make an instant style statement, but they can leave a legacy of health problems. Learn about the risks and how to prevent them.
By Victoria Welch
Olive oil is a fantastic moisturizer for your nails, skin and hair. Including a little olive oil in you diet is an effective way to help strengthen these three things from the inside. However, you can also use the oil to strengthen them on the outside.
By Aysha Schurman
Before getting a tattoo, there are more than a few things to consider. Although the health risks and the potential for regret have been used as cautionary tactics for those who want to "get inked," it is important for you to make a decision about tattoos that reflects what you truly believe.
By Steve Thompson
Hairstyles for plus size women will bring out your best features and make you look sensational.
By Lisa Bower
Learning how to cut a bald fade requires patience and a good pair of clippers. These tips can help you achieve the look without giving up and going completely bald.
By Aysha Schurman
Cellulite control tops the beauty wish list of a lot of women.  Most women have a certain amount of cellulite on different parts of their bodies. The question is what to do with that cellulite.
By Laura Evans
Jeans were first created as working-man's pants and have evolved into a staple for wardrobes worldwide.
By Aysha Schurman
Changes in moles should act as red flags. Learn how to spot a potential problem with the spots on your skin.
By Aysha Schurman
The changes that emerged in 1900 to 1910 fashions highlighted the transition from Victorian times to Edwardian and the dawn of a whole new era.
By Aysha Schurman
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