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What does an infected tattoo look like? While all new tattoos will be red and swollen when you leave the tattoo studio, there are red flags that can show you that the healing process has taken a bad turn.
By Julie Knapp
Short shag hairstyles allow you to get sassy and playful with your hair. Learn how to rock the styles worn by Halle Berry, Meg Ryan and Victoria Beckham.
By Lydia Nicoll
The best electric shaver for your friend isn't necessarily the best electric shaver for you. Today's shavers aren't one-size-fits-all and the differences only grow when you compare mens electric shavers to those designed for women.
For all its easy and flowing comfort, hippie fashion is all about the detail.
By Teresa Hall
There is no way to stop varicose veins in their tracks, but there are certainly ways to prevent them from appearing in the first place.
By Aysha Schurman
If you think you knew how to tie a scarf every way possible, think again.
By Aysha Schurman
By Stephanie Banfield
Accessories that we choose to wear each day can make up our wardrobe. They make what clothes we choose to wear look so much better. The way we dress our self each day is very important to us. We like to go out each day and feel confident about the way we look.
By Alexandra Heep
For most women, shoes are more than just footwear. More than accessories, they can be the focal point of a whole ensemble. For men, on the other hand, they are often a necessary evil. With that in mind, most men will generally opt for the most comfortable shoe available, with only an afterthought regarding looks. There are really only four basic types of shoes to be concerned about.
By Rebecca Mikulin
The best hair colors for olive skin work with your complexion to create a natural, winning look. Learn how to determine what works and what should be left for someone else.
By Lisa Bower
Learn how to scrunch hair and you cut down on style time and make the most of your hair's natural texture. With a little scrunching, you can get beachy summer waves, super sexy curls or a body boost.
By Julie Knapp
You have many choices in rain gear so you can stay dry and in style; the rain coat with the visible Burberry lining is not your only option.
By Nancy Lichtenstein
These easy hairstyles for tweens will earn serious style points while maintaining parental approval.
By Julie Knapp
When varicose vein surgery becomes a serious option, the purple veins have typically developed from mere annoyance to serious discomfort.
By Aysha Schurman
There's a reason most department stores have a special petite clothing section. Petite women tend to look like they're drowning in common sized garments and require styles fitted specifically for their delicate frames.
By Aysha Schurman
You can pare your makeup bag to just the essentials for your purse. Include a moisturizing sunscreen, foundation, a basic color for eyes, cheeks and lips and a spare tool or two. This way, you have all you need for daytime or evening makeup touchups.
By Teresa Hall
Body piercing, tattooing, and even branding are hot fashions in today's world. What would make people want to do things to their body? Is it something to be different and set them apart from the rest or could these body mutilations have a deeper root and mean something?
By Marie Lorraine
The history of Vera Wang has come to directly influence the wedding fantasies of fashion lovers worldwide.
By Vickie Ferguson
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