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Find out some of the many reasons people choose to have body piercings done.
By Marie Lorraine
The clean and sophisticated fashion stays reminiscent of private preparatory schools and summer beach houses are just two reasons why you should learn how to dress preppy.
By Aysha Schurman
Hair extensions can provide length and volume to a dull hairstyle. Choosing the right hair extension method and type and properly caring for your new locks can ensure the best final product.
By Meghan Colloton
Have you seen the price of a salon perm lately? It is not uncommon to pay between $75-$100 for a permanent wave in a salon. That's $75 you could be spending on shoes or makeup, or more honestly gas and groceries.
By Rebecca Mikulin
Emo hairstyles for guys help fans of the emo culture reflect the individuality and attitude of the scene.
By Julie Knapp
Athlete's foot is a fungal infection. If not treated, it frequently spread to the groin and infects skin under the toe and finger nails making it thick and yellow. Because athlete's foot is a fungus, antifungal essential oils are helpful.
By HS Schulte
Even though you can't fend off breakouts or dark circles, you can definitely make them look as if they never showed up in the first place. With the right color of concealer, the proper application method and a few seconds of your time, you can look flawless and feel confident.
By Morayma Makay
"How to get rid of age spots?" is one of the most common questions people ask as they age. Truth is, you can't get rid of them entirely, but you can minimize their appearance.
By Helen Polaski
What's the easiest and best way to take care of your skin? Go natural!
By Heleigh Bostwick
Even if 40 is the new 20, you probably don't want to look as if you're trying to dress like one of Hollywood's young starlets. Here are some great clothing options for women over 40.
By Julie Knapp
Dressing for success and a good self image while presenting yourself at your best.
By J.C. Pantola
What's better than a designer item? Finding designer items for cheap. Learn how to get yourself a Prada bag without giving up all the green in your wallet.
By Julie Knapp
High and low light hair color ideas will give you the opportunity to enjoy a multitude of colors on your head, all at the same time. Learn how to make this complicated work work for you.
By Teresa Hall
Henna tattoos can give you the inked look without the permanent commitment.
By Aysha Schurman
Bangs can transform your look, but you should always consider the shape of your face and choose a type of bangs to help balance your face. Otherwise, you may be stuck with unflattering results until the hair grows out.
By Teresa Hall
Concealer is used to brighten underneath the eyes and to conceal blemishes. Learn how to properly apply concealer for brighter eyes and clearer-looking skin.
By Gonnette Almurey
So, you made the decision to visit a spa. Now you just have to decide which spa is right for you. It can be difficult to choose the best spa, especially if you are not familiar with spas. This article offers tips on what you should look for when choosing a spa: What Atmosphere And Services Are You Looking For?
By Amber Hilton
Knowing how to dress a thin frame will allow you the chance to flesh out an extraordinarily skinny body.
By Lisa Bower
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