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So, you made the decision to visit a spa. Now you just have to decide which spa is right for you. It can be difficult to choose the best spa, especially if you are not familiar with spas. This article offers tips on what you should look for when choosing a spa: What Atmosphere And Services Are You Looking For?
By Amber Hilton
Instructional guide on how to do a french manicure at home using paint pens.
By Brandy Burgess
A short summary of the trends of the disco era.
By Abigail Prendergast
LASIK eye surgery is a quick, and seemingly simple procedure to undergo for better vision, but make sure you understand the risks before you make your final decision.
By Julie Knapp
Short stacked hairstyles are some of the hottest short hair approaches you can take. These looks are examples of bold, cutting edge fashion that will make you turn heads wherever you go.
By Teresa Hall
Adult braces give people an opportunity to correct those lingering dental issues.
By Jennifer Maughan
If you think you only need to know how to wear a shawl in winter weather, think again. This style primer is four-season fashion necessity.
By Lydia Nicoll
A women's electric shaver can make your life easier, provided you find the model that is best for you. A foil electric shaver, a rotary electric shaver or an epilator all give different results. Research can keep you from being surprised by a bad shave.
Are you looking for modern hair highlight ideas? Finding new and different ways to spice up your hair color can help you add a whole lot of fun to your look.
By Teresa Hall
The history of Vera Wang has come to directly influence the wedding fantasies of fashion lovers worldwide.
By Vickie Ferguson
What is henna? If you want a natural way to treat your hair or want to decorate your skin without needles, henna is an excellent choice. Learn about why this cultural tradition has become a huge hit around the world.
By Lisa Bower
Hormones can be tough. Learn how to use serious skin care to zap acne into submission.
By Aysha Schurman
If your defenses against the sun's harmful rays came up short and you're left with a red and painful sunburn, you need to know the best sunburn treatments.
By Julie Knapp
Whether you own synthetic or human hair wigs, there are special wig care techniques and products you must use to clean those locks without causing damage.
By Aysha Schurman
Heels can be the essence of your outfit, if you choose them wisely. Add spice to a work outfit or a pair of jeans with colorful heels, and go wild for party occasions.
By Gabrielle Jocus
Need help styling your short layered bob? Follow these step by step instructions for picture-perfect hair.
By Rachel Mork
Petite women have many challenges when it comes to fashion and accessories, and it can be tricky to find the right match to balance out the latest looks. From jewelry to purses, finding the right size to suit your petite frame takes a little trial and error.
By Amber Hilton
Selling used clothes is a great way to earn money from items you may no longer want.
By Crystal Eynon
People have various reasons as to why they chose to get the certain tattoo that they did. They also have their reasons as to why they now want it removed from their body. Maybe it was some ones initials that they are no longer with, or just simply a botched tattoo job.
By Mark Mays
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