The Best Hand Cream for Dry Skin

Many daily activities result in dry skin on our hands. It is important to find the best hand cream to keep your hands comfortable and moisturized, rather than cracked and painful.

Every hand cream has its own scent, so you should give each one a sniff before you buy. A hint of sugary sweetness or fresh floral can give you a little pick-me-up throughout the day. However, if you have particularly sensitive skin or hands that have cracked, you should try to avoid perfumes altogether, as they can be irritating. Another factor for the sensitive skin set to consider is natural hand lotion. These more eco-friendly formulas are usually free of all synthetic ingredients including fragrances as well as preservatives like parabens.

The most moisturizing and skin-softening formulas will be filled with ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter and aloe vera. If you're particular about finding a non-greasy hand cream, try to stay away from formulas that contain oil-based ingredients. Read the list on the back of the bottle. If you see oil listed more than once, you're probably in for a greasy cream. Also, as unfortunate as it may be for your budget, high-end hand creams usually fall lower on the greasy scale than what you will find on the drugstore shelf.

Moisturizing hand lotions can have extra benefits too, so consider all the things you want your cream to do before you pick the perfect one. If you have age spots on your hands, you might want to use a formula packed with retinol or hydroquinone. If you want to prevent age spots and other sun damage in the future, get in the habit of slathering on an SPF hand lotion. 

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The foundation of dry skin care is a good, regular skin care regimen. Your daily routine should include three steps: cleanse, tone and moisturize. If your skin is extremely dry, cleanse only once a day, preferably in the evening.

You'll need to devote a little more time and attention to your skin during the cold months. Winter skin care calls for more moisturizer and sunscreen. Also pay special attention to your lips and your hands, as both of these areas have thin skin.

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Cocoa butter benefits have positively impacted pharmaceutical, cosmetic and culinary industries, which means that there are many ways you can enjoy this product. Learn the best ways to reap the benefits.

Winter time can be the hardest time for people with dry skin because the air is dryer and it tends to take away any little bit of moisture that is already in the skin. Even slathering on excessive amounts of creams and moisturizers doesn't keep the dryness at bay.

The battle with dry skin cannot be ignored. Having dry skin leads to the cracking of the upper layer of the skin as well as giving it a bad appearance. Some of the causes of dry skin development are dry climates, hormonal changes, and too much exfoliation and treatment of skin disorders.

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