Seven Winter Skin Care Solutions

Winter is no picnic for your skin. Wind and subzero temperatures may cause it to become dry and tight. While young people may breeze through winter without a care in the world, many older women need extra protection. If your skin could do with a little help, try any of these seven winter skin-care solutions.

Water temperature

While nobody would expect you to shower or bathe in cold water, there is a big difference between warm and hot water. Warm water is soothing for your bones and muscles, but hot water will dry out your skin.

Avoid soap

If your forehead feels itchy and the skin around your eyes feels tight, consider switching from regular soap to a facial cleanser or cleansing lotion. No matter how hard the advertisers may try to convince you, no soap comes close to the comfort and nourishment of a gentle facial cleanser.


Moisturizing should become a routine in winter. Determine whether you have dry, oily or combination skin on your face, and use a moisturizer and night cream suitable for your skin type. To find out what type of skin you have, press a tissue to your face, then remove it. If there are no marks on the tissue, you have dry skin. If you see patches, you have oily skin. If you see marks only where the tissue touched your forehead, nose and chin, you have combination skin.

Nourish your arms and legs with a body lotion enriched with cocoa butter, shea butter or coconut oil. These ingredients should also be present in a hand cream, which you should use every time you wash your hands or do the dishes. Avoid hand creams with a high glycerin content, however, as these creams do nothing but cover your hands like an invisible glove. If anything, glycerin draws moisture to the surface, robbing the skin of what it so desperately needs.


When using foundation, eye shadow and blusher, choose creams over powders in the winter. Select a moisture-rich lipstick for the winter months. If you don't like lipstick, at least smooth on some lip balm several times a day.


Placing a humidifier in the room can help in the fight against dry skin. A humidifier will open your sinuses and help you breathe in case you have a cold. Be sure to keep the humidifier tank clean, as a dirty humidifier can do more harm than good. To clean a humidifier tank, regularly rinse with distilled water and vinegar.

Protective clothing

When venturing outside, dress warmly, and protect your skin from frost and wind. You can pull your hat down and turn the collar of your coat up to stop Jack Frost from nipping at your face. A scarf will keep your neck and chest warm, while gloves will not only protect your hands from frost bite but will stop the skin from flaking and cracking.


Paying attention to what you eat and drink should not be underestimated as one of the top seven winter skin-care solutions. While a glass of whisky or vodka will warm you up temporarily, alcohol dries out your skin in the long run. To help alleviate dry skin, snack on some almonds and walnuts, which are high in omega-3 fatty acids.

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