What Causes Red Moles

What causes red moles? Red moles are caused by the same thing that creates all moles, melanin. Melanin is the pigment part of the skin. When the pigment cells, known as melanocytes, cluster together in a lump, a mole forms.

What color are moles?
Moles can be a wide variety of colors, but are most often a shade of brown. Sometimes, however, the melanin can cluster together to create a red mole. Usually, a red mole is just as harmless as any other type of regular mole.

What can turn a mole red?

  1. Sunburn. Red moles can sometimes be a sign of an irritated or problematic mole. A typical brown mole may turn red if you expose it to sunlight for to long and get sunburned. Letting moles get repeatedly sunburned can increase the chances of the moles turning cancerous.
  1. Irritation. If a brown mole suddenly turns red through irritation, such as chaffing clothes, you need to be gentle with it. Though occasional chaffing will probably not cause any problems, it can make the mole sensitive and more susceptible to cancer.

When are red moles a sign of potential trouble?

  1. Sudden color change. If a regular mole suddenly turns red on its own, without getting sunburned or irritated, it may be a bad sign. Moles that turn color rapidly or dramatically may be cancerous. Most doctors will want to remove a suspicious mole like this for preventative measures.
  1. Sudden shape change. If your normal red mole changes shape to become an irregular blotch, or dramatically increase in size, you need to visit a doctor. Blotchy coloring and an increase in size can be signs of a cancerous mole.

How do doctors remove moles?
Removing moles is a very common practice these days. Moles can be burned away and cut away. If the mole is large, you may require stitches to help with healing. For mole removal with less chance of scarring, your doctor may try laser mole removal. 

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