Effective Pimple Treatment

Almost everyone experiences pimples, otherwise known as acne, at some point in their lives. Teenage years seem to be the most common time for pimple breakouts, but even adults can suffer from pimples, whether occasionally or regularly. Take care of pimples by knowing how to avoid them and how to treat them.

One cause of pimples is stress. Stress causes the body to release hormones which bring on pimples, a skin organ reaction for releasing excess hormones; the hormones also increase perspiration, which can get clogged in oily skin pores. Reduce stress by getting enough sleep and exercise; also consider engaging in stress reduction techniques, such as meditation or yoga.

Another cause of pimples is vitamin deficiency. If you increase the body's metabolism, all systems of the body will function better, including the skin. Fresh leafy vegetables and fruits are key to increasing nutrition in the body, as is avoiding excess sugar, refined flour and alcohol. Vitamin A, C, D and the mineral zinc help reduce acne and increase metabolic health. Try to get the vitamins through diet, rather than supplements.

A third cause of pimples is sleep deprivation. Being overtired taxes the body's resources, causing the body to divert energy to staying awake, rather than the smooth functioning of all systems. Get eight hours of sleep a night whenever possible.

Lastly, wash the face properly. Use a facial cleanser that contains vitamins the skin can absorb. Those containing chemicals for treating acne are not effective, as they get washed away quickly. The skin needs the right cleanser for the skin type (oily, normal or dry). Some organic and all natural skin soaps are for all skin types-use those when possible. Work the soap into a foamy lather in the hands, rub gently with the fingers in circular motion, and rinse with water. Pat, rather than rub, the skin dry with a soft towel. Wash the face no more than three times per day. Excess washing can irritate the skin, further increasing the problem.

Making these broad changes in lifestyle can increase skin health, and increase health for the whole body.

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