Sweat Rash Treatment

A sweat rash is a stinging, burning and annoying type of heat rash. Like all other rashes, a sweat rash is basically just irritated skin. The rash occurs when the skin is too wet and hot and becomes irritated. Usually, a sweat rash is not so serious you need to go to a doctor, but bothersome enough it will need some home care.

Wash the Rash
The first thing you want to do with a sweat rash is wash it. Use cool water and gently splash the area to remove excess sweat. Make sure not so scrub the area and not to use harsh soap. Scrubbing and harsh soap will only irritated the skin more. Air dry or very gently pat the area dry with a soft towel. Do not scrub the area dry, as once again, scrubbing will just irritate the rash.

Keep the Rash Cool and Dry
You want to keep a sweat rash cool and dry to help it heal. This may mean staying out of the sun or skipping a few workouts. If you get all sweaty in the same irritated area, you'll only make the sweat rash worse. If you cannot avoid getting sweaty, make sure to regularly pat the area dry to prevent further irritation.

One way to help keep a sweat rash dry is to try dusting it in a powder. You can use something fancy, such as a medicated powder, or something simple, such as cornstarch. Stay away from any powders that contain fragrance or color, as this can end up stinging the skin and making the rash even worse.

Wear Loose Clothing
Make sure not to wear anything that chafes the rash. Tight clothing will rub against a sweat rash, irritating it all the more. Loose clothing will allow the skin room to breathe and dry, as well as time to heal.

Take Preventative Measures
You can help prevent the occurrence of a sweat rash by taking a few preventative steps. Regularly cleanse your skin to keep it healthy. Drink plenty of water each day to keep it hydrated. Use antiperspirants or powders to keep problematic skin areas dry to prevent a re-occurrence of the sweat rash.

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