Foods to Eat for Rosacea

If you're interested in foods to eat for rosacea, you'll be interested in knowing there is a definite correlation between what you eat and drink and your rosacea flareups. To best tailor your diet to your skin's unique sensitivities, you'll want to keep a journal recording your skin's reactions to all food and drink for a month. The suggestions provided here are by no means rosacea cures, but these food and drink suggestions have helped other rosacea sufferers. The speculation behind why these food and drink suggestions work is that these menu items decrease circulation to the face and neck, consequently decreasing sensitivity and irritation.

What Should You Drink and Eat if You Have Rosacea?
Cold drinks: Fill up on cold water, soda, iced tea, low-sugar lemonade and berry juice. Berries are vascular constrictors, so they will help reduce your flare ups.  Try to keep your beverages relatively low-sugar when possible.

Whole grains: Instead of high-sugar breads and pastas, try whole grain versions of these foods. Eat bread and pasta at lukewarm or room-temperature when tolerable.

Lean meats: Chicken, pork, fish and lean cuts of beef are all excellent for those suffering from rosacea. Liver has been reported to trigger flare ups, so avoid liver if possible.

Fresh vegetables and fruits: Cherries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries are all excellent for fighting rosacea. Both cooked and raw vegetables of most types are good for rosacea also. Let your food cool slightly before eating.

What Food and Drink Should You Avoid if You Have Rosacea?
Hot beverages: Yes, sadly that means hot coffee, hot chocolate and hot tea. It's the temperature of the beverage that matters, so feel free to replace your morning coffee with iced coffee, your hot chocolate with chocolate milk and your hot tea with iced tea.

Spicy foods: You will need to experiment with spices to find out which spices trigger a flare up and which spices are well-tolerated by your skin. This can be bad news for you if you love hot sauce and curry, but it can also be an opportunity for you to explore more subtle flavors and spices. Use black pepper sparingly and beware of most meat marinades.

Citrus foods: Tomatoes, lemons, limes, grapefruit, pineapple and oranges are common irritants.

High sugar foods: This means anything that causes your blood sugar to spike, such as pasta, bread, sweets and desserts.

Other Foods That Have Been Reported to Trigger Reactions
Chocolate, vanilla, soy sauce and avocado are also reportedly common triggers. Try cutting all of these foods from your diet, then adding them back in one by one, journaling your rosacea response as you add them back in.

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