How Long Does It Take for a Scar to Heal

How long does it take for a scar to heal? Unfortunately, there is no concrete answer to this question that will apply in every case. Scar healing times vary, but there are steps you can take to help the process along as best you can.

Healing Scars
Scars are typically pretty ugly as they go into the healing-and, one hopes, disappearing-process. Scars can start out looking angry, thick and red. The length of time that it takes a scar to heal depends in part on how much tissue was damaged, the age of the person involved and the location of the injury.

A scar on a jawbone, for instance, might look worse than a scar on an arm because the skin on a jawbone is tighter than the skin on an arm. In addition, an irregular scar is going to be more obvious, as because it doesn't match the grain of your skin. Typically speaking, scars can start to look better after 6 to 18 months, so this requires patience on your part.

Treating Scars
You can do several things to help your scars heal. First, massage the scar after the skin has healed. However, be wary of using lotions that promise to help lighten or prevent scars as there is no medical data that substantiates these claims.

In addition, keep your scar out of the sun. The ultraviolet rays in sunshine make your body want to produce pigments which can lead to discoloration in healing tissues.

Avoid hydrogen peroxide. While hydrogen peroxide's bubbles looks interesting on skin, the result may not be as pretty. Hydrogen peroxide may actually slow down the healing process.

Many people suggest that vitamin E will help prevent scarring. However, the science behind this claim just isn't there. In fact, vitamin E can cause contact dermatitis among some, making vitamin E a possible scarring negative.

Scar Prognosis
If you really dislike your scar, you can discuss different options that are available to you with a dermatologist, keeping in mind that your scar will probably never completely disappear. However, a dermatologist may suggest a treatment that will make your scar less noticeable.

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