The Best Way to Remove Blackheads

The best way to remove blackheads are gentle treatments like steam facials and pore strips. Facial steaming is one of the most reliable home remedies for blackheads. Start by setting out a bowl of hot water. Don't use boiling water, but do make sure the water is hot enough to create steam.

Steam your face by sitting close to the bowl, and place a towel over your head. Make sure the towel covers your head so that the majority of the steam is captured in the area between the bowl and your face. Allow plenty of space between your face and the bowl, and do not secure the towel or tighten it. The towel should hang loosely with plenty of folds for the hot air to escape around you and the bowl.

Never use boiling water, and never get close enough to the hot water that you could become burned. If the water is too hot, add a cup of cold water to the bowl of hot water and lift the towel from time to time so that you get fresh air as well. Steam your face for about five minutes, allowing the steam to penetrate into your skin. As the steam penetrates into the layers of skin, your skin softens and the pores open wide.

When you are done steaming your face, immediately apply an exfoliating lotion, or the juice of a citrus fruit to exfoliate the skin on your face and neck. When you are finished exfoliating your skin, splash clean, warm water on your face. Then immediately splash cold water on your face. The cold water will cause the pores to close or shrink, thereby keeping dirt from entering.

Pore Strips
One over-the-counter tool that helps immensely is a nose strip designed for blackheads. Simply wet your nose, place the nose strip over your nose, making sure it covers the tip of your nose as well as the nostrils, and then wait for about 10 minutes or until the strip is dry. If you remove the nose strip too soon, you won't remove any blackheads. Wait until the strip is hard, then slowly remove the strip from your nose and look at the results. Take care when removing the strip. Never do this quickly or hastily, as it can harm the delicate skin around your nostrils, and it has been known to cause the breakage of small blood vessels.

When it comes to blackheads, the best treatment is prevention. It's always a good idea to wash your face several times a day to make sure your pores stay clean.

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