How to Get Poreless Skin

Are you wondering how to get poreless skin? While it's impossible to technically have poreless skin, you can practice skin care methods what will shrink your pores down to the point that they look nearly invisible. Check out these dermatology suggestions for achieving nearly poreless skin.

Establish a Daily Pore Cleanser Routine
You'll need to wash your face morning and night using an anti-acne formula pore cleanser. Use a moisturizer morning and night after cleansing. If you have acne-prone skin, use a moisturizer that also contains salicylic acid to prevent breakouts.

Steam, Exfoliate and Masque Twice a Week
Twice a week you'll want to follow your cleansing program with a three minute steam. Hold a towel over your head as you lean over a pot of boiling water and allow the steam to open your pores. While your pores are open, immediately use a gentle exfoliant cream to carefully loosen and remove any material from clogged pores. Rinse, then apply a skin-tightening clay masque. Let masque set until dry, then rinse off and finish with moisturizer. Use gentle products with mild scents and mild agents. Nothing should tingle, irritate or cause redness.

Get Professional Extractions
If you still have stubborn acne or blackheads, go to a professional dermatologist or esthetician for an extraction once a month. Do not try to do this yourself at home. You can make your skin much worse and can cause deep infections.

Eat and Drink Right
You'll want to do all you can to have healthy skin, including eating lots of fruits, vegetables, and foods high in essential fatty acids such as avocados and salmon. Drink water and decaffeinated tea instead of soda, milk or juice.

Keep Your Face Clean
Avoid touching your face with your hands, and wash all phones with an antibacterial wash before touching your face with the surface.

Use Proper Cosmetics
To achieve that poreless look, always use a primer before applying makeup. The primer will fill your pores. Apply a layer of mineral powder foundation, followed by mineral finishing powder. The minerals will deflect light, creating a flawless finish that will give you a poreless look. While you can use traditional liquid foundation, mineral powder foundation is considered the premium choice.

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