The Four Best Tips for Beautiful, Glowing Skin

All the actresses and models have it: that gorgeous, baby-soft skin that glows and emanates good health. Luckily for those of us who are not on the cover of Maxim, there are easy ways to achieve perfect skin at home, at a very minimal cost. The great pin-up models of the early 20th century used cold water and simple household items to their advantage. Simply washing your face with water and product is old news; everyone does it. However, a neat trick can improve the results of washing and it's as easy as turning a handle.

Start off with very warm water, wetting your face before applying whatever you use to cleanse. Rub very gently, for vigorously scrubbing can have the very opposite effect you are trying to achieve. Pay special attention to the forehead, chin, and sides of the nose. These are the places most prone to dryness or oily spots. Now the magic ingredient. Turn off the warm and bring on the cold. Rinse with icy water and pat dry. The secret behind this is that warm water relaxes and opens pores, allowing the cleanser to do its job thoroughly. Cold water does the opposite; it snaps the pores shut, minimizing the chance of them becoming clogged again. Washing your face in this fashion at least once a day will greatly improve the look and feel of your skin and keep those hated pimples at bay.

The next tip is a no-brainer; more water. The health professionals tell you to drink eight glasses of water a day. Trust them, it's for good reason. Not only does it help support the immune system, nothing keeps away uneven tones and unwanted blemishes like lots and lots of water. If possible, drink as much as you can throughout the day, spacing out consumption to even your intake of the good stuff.

The next tip has an allergy warning. If you are allergic to bees, or prone to inflammation due to exposure to pollen or flower dander, it is strongly recommended that you do not partake in this specific beauty treatment. However, if you do not suffer from these ailments, you might guess the next tip; bees. Bee venom and bee by-products, such as honey and honeycomb have wonderfully beneficial results. Properly administered bee stings can help rejuvenate blood flow and help your skin keep a healthy, even tone. Sadly, this can be expensive, depending on your area. A grand alternative is the products you can find in health food and beauty stores. There are quite a few brands out there that incorporate these invigorating ingredients into products that can be bought without breaking the bank.

This last hint also carries a warning, but of taste instead of safety. Some people may not like the slightly bitter aftertaste of avocado, but by acquiring a tolerance for it, you can take years off the look of your skin. Avocado has the amazing properties much like bee's venom. It rejuvenates skin cells and helps blood circulation, whether taken internally in a delicious guacamole, or externally. Ever heard of an avocado mask?

All of these tips are meant to be beneficial to anyone who cares to try them. The bottom line is there are many natural ways of making yourself look as beautiful as you feel. Try not to let commercial products and treatments make you believe that the only way is through chemicals and expensive creams. Humans are organic; shouldn't our health care be as well?

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