What's the Best Body Scrub for Your Skin

With a full range of scrubs available, from sea salts to microbeads and a multitude of options in between, you may be having difficulty finding an exfoliater that will work wonders. The first step to getting lusciously smooth skin is determining your skin type and how that should affect your choice of scrub.

Sensitive Skin
You may have sensitive skin if your skin is fair, you sunburn easily, you have rosacea or your skin reacts strongly to products. You may want to pick something that isn't too rough, but is instead creamier as it buffs your skin. Look for scrubs with natural ingredients, such as honey or fruit extracts, and skip those with harsh chemicals or alcohols.

Dry Skin
A scrub with tons of moisturizers is the best for dry skin. Slough off dead skin cells with a scrub that has almond extracts or oatmeal. Don't use any products that strip the skin of natural oils. You can also use a loofah or bath puff to scrub rough, dry skin. Take special care on areas such as the bottom of your feet, elbows and knees, where dry skin tends to persist. You should follow the scrub with a good moisturizing lotion.

Normal Skin
Pretty much any type of scrub is safe to use on normal skin. Sea salt scrubs are great for your skin because they are rough and effective, but don't tend to strip skin of moisture. Many salt scrubs leave your skin feeling totally smooth and squeaky clean.

Oily Skin
A scrub that heats on contact or contains powerful oil blockers, such as salicylic acid, are great because they open your pores and help to control oil. If you have acne prone skin on your back or chest, use a scrub that has some roughness, such as a sugar scrub, to get rid of dead cells that can clog pores. Be careful not to scrub too hard however, as some harsh scrubs can damage skin and leave acne scars.

Facial Scrubs
Typically, do not use a body scrub on your face unless it is very mild or is specifically made for both body and facial uses. Some scrubs can actually make little tears in your facial tissue that will leave your skin looking dull. Micro-dermabrasion cleansing pads are great on the face and offer the perfect amount of exfoliation. Take care to read directions on the labels, and do not use a rougher scrub daily. Exfoliaters for your face are great to use before trying sunless tanners, going to the beach, or to wake you up in the morning.

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